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Beautiful Souls: Holiness in the Home (Now for Sale!)
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Now Available For Sale!

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Why should I buy this e-book?

1. First, it is inexpensive.  I'm excited that I can offer it at a reasonable price. I feel good knowing that if a handful of people buy it at a low cost, as I see it, everyone wins.  It is not a lot out of your pocket, but together, your proceeds can make a difference.

2. Secondly, 30% of proceeds will go to a local charity of my choosing.  20% of proceeds will go to my local parish.

3. Thirdly, if you buy this e-book, you are not only supporting me as a blogger, but also showing other bloggers that they too can sell their work online.

I believe in the community of the blogosphere, what the teamwork here stands for, and I believe the very useful and uplifting tips found in this book will contribute to the greater good.

Let me break it down for you again:

-50% of proceeds will be charitable donation.
-You are supporting the work that has gone into this blog and this e-book.
-You appreciate the work of bloggers like me, and you want to make a difference.

{You can consider the following to be a Preface, since the e-book itself doesn’t have one}

Practically speaking:

-This book has been a journey. Thank you to Rhonda Ortiz, for her design and editing expertise. Thank you to Michele Chronister for carefully editing the entire e-book. And thank you to all of my friends and family who willingly read the rough drafts of this e-book before I put it out there. Their support and commentary was not without deep appreciation.
-how to read the e-book:  If you have a Kindle or and iPad with Kindle app for iPad, you can simply follow our link, go to and buy it, then it will automatically download on your Kindle device.  You can then read it through the Kindle app.
-If you do not have Kindle, or Kindle for iPad, you can simply read the e-book as a PDF document on your computer.
-How to buy your e-book. When you buy it, you will be directed to either or Paypal. Once you have entered your information (or are automatically connected via Paypal or Amazon), paying will enable you to receive the PDF.  If you do not receive an email, please contact myself or Rhonda Ortiz.

Ephemerally speaking:

-This book is about a journey from my chains of Depression, to the freedom that comes from true and complete healing.
-Yes, that’s right: I truly believed that I am on a journey of healing.
-Does that mean hope for you, too?  Yes and absolutely.
-I have been working on this e-book for years. I remember first being called to write it when my oldest, Molly (who is almost 8 years old) was a baby.*
-Simply put, if I can learn to heal from Depression, you can, too.

*As I dealt with Post-Partum Depression, I wanted to offer hope to others as I physically and emotionally dealt with the ramifications of her babyhood and the untold years of Depression that ravaged and rocked my world.

Even if you are not Clinically Depressed, this books is for you if…

- you sometimes struggle with acedia (spiritual sloth) or moments of sadness
- you are experiencing grief of some kind
- you are going through something painful or dramatic in your personal life
- you simply want to learn some coping skills for anxiety and depression, or you’re not sure what to do next in your own journey to mental health (be it some kind of counseling or medication, etc.)
- you are in recovery for some kind of addiction, or are looking for help with addiction to screens, drugs, alcohol, or anything at all -- even partial addiction counts.
- you have a melancholic personality

I have gone through great difficulties and it was not for nothing.  I have been on a counter balling my eyes out. I have been up late nights crying, not knowing why.  I have paced the halls, worried sick, heart racing. I have been to counseling time and time again, worried sick with so much anxiety and depression I thought I would commit suicide or live my life trying to cope ineffectively, without the proper coping skills and medication. That is why I am here: I aim to share my story of dealing with acedia, addiction, and postpartum-depression with you.  I hope that my story helps others to know they're not alone in their struggles, and that my means of coping might be helpful to them.  Depression is an illness. If not properly treated, it becomes a problem.

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