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I'm Tacy Williams Beck, wife to Stephen.  I'm a wife, Mom, writer, and convert to the Catholic church. I'm mother to four girls - Molly Jane, Frances Eleanor, Madeleine Esther, Annabel Clare, and two boys, Anders Eliot and Conrad Eugene!

In 2011, my life totally changed, when I converted to Catholicism. Everything changed and I wouldn't change it for anything! :)

In addition to writing and "faithing," I love sewing, baking, and reading.  I enjoy drinking coffee and reading very long books. Tolstoy is one of my favorite authors. Mothering and being a wife to an amazing man for over 10 years also count as two of my very favorite things!

A little more about me... I currently live in the great state of Tennessee, but I've lived all over.  I grew up doing ballet and I was very active with swimming, biking, hiking, loved traveling, and cooking/baking. My parents kept foster babies as I was growing up, and we also had shepherding girls (women who had been kicked out of their homes because of a crisis pregnancy).  I was a born reader... I have always read voraciously and I majored in English to top it off. I danced in high school and college and taught dance after graduation. I also have experience teaching Pre-School, and I taught English, Science, and Rhetoric at a homeschool co-op.

I now stay home with my 6 sweet babies. I still love to read! I write on this blog every chance I get. I'm pretty active on SM so come be my friend!!

I like to write about my faith, mothering, mental illness, art with children, all things kiddos, adventures with kiddos, marriage, and more.

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I am also a blog contributor for Dappled Things.
If you have questions about my faith, do not hesitate to ask.

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