Friday, November 2, 2018

Project October Recap~ in case you missed it {7QT}

Hey friends!

The month of October has been intense! As we have been preparing for the fun festivities of Halloween, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day for a well-rounded Hallowtide, I have also been trying to fit in my monthly reading, as well as a rigorous blogging schedule.  My reading hasn't been as flourishific as I would have hoped, but I have been checking in on Goodreads.  I am still clocking in for my book-a-week challenge over there, so check out my 2018 Reading Challenge, and come be a Goodreads friend!!
Novemeber reads

From last month's stack, I got through and was able to enjoy Homegoing by Yya Ngasi, Into the Water,  and some of The Book Thief- about 200 pgs. worth so I will count it on GR.  I ultimately decided it wasn't for me, but if you liked it, please tell me why.

If you missed it, I have been writing a blog post everyday for the past moth!   In the event that you were unable to read any of my posts which I put together in effort to support and participate the #write31days challenge (which I learned is in its last year!),  I wanted to share the seven most popular posts from my #write31days challenge.  Here they are, in order of least popular to most popular.

TV review: The Good Place

Church Scandal and Theological Awareness

Book Review: Born a Crime

Finding Vulnerability in Podcast Form

3 Books I Loved and 1 I Disliked

A Little Bit About Me

Becoming an Influencer and Reader

And bonus: A very popular post but also my favorite post of this month
How Faith is Like a Garden

Thanks for taking this incredible journey with me! I appreciate you more and more each day.  Most of my posts had around 30 hits, but the ones above had at least 75-100.


You know me and my love for all things fried and spicy.  After some thinking, I have decided that in the future, Tuesdays will be culture, Fridays will be a check-in with the world and Kelly, and Sundays will be quotations. Thanks for sticking around thus far.

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