Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Project October: Day Two: Finding Vulnerability in Podcast Form

Hi I'm Tacy, and I have a problem with ... listening to too many podcasts.  ☺️

Yes, it is true. I am truly addicted to inspiration, entertainment, distraction, and information, and that in podcast form.

I listen to them while I clean. I sometimes listen while I drive.  I listen to wind down at the end of a long, busy day full of human interaction.  I can climb into an introvert's cave, and with my earbuds in,  I can get lost.

Now don't get me wrong. My addiction has a dark side. Don't they all?  Time suck, at times envy of others with their own podcast, or the person interviewed,  and finally, probably issues with when to hide and when to interact with other human beings.

But all of that being said, I have grown and I may even say matured in some ways thanks to podcasts.

For one thing, the distraction piece can be positive, if it means I get something done.  Maybe I will sweep crunchy, drying leaves off the back porch, when I didn't want to do it. Maybe I will even run a mundane errand like grocery shopping for that last pack of tomatoes- with a better attitude- if it means I can listen to a podcast I enjoy.

I also believe in the healing power of vulnerability, and that's something I'll not just touch on, but also I think it is worth going into detail about.

One of my favorite podcasts is Armchair Expert Pod.  In it, the host talks about many things, among them his becoming sober through involvement in AA.  The host sets the example, and with each guest, he invites them to open up in imitation.  They almost always accept the invitation.  And truly, it is a lovely thing.

The thing about vulnerability is that it has immense power.

It creates community.
It solves the issue of gossip.
It is healing.
It creates an environment of honesty, rather than enmity.
It cultivates a spirit of unity, rather than hostility.

If you are already in a good community, it is possible you are rolling your eyes right now. I am stating  the obvious. But for many, Godliness is a competition and that community has not evolved in this way-- yet.  But in a beautifully simple equation, honesty creates the establishment of unity and oneness.

For others, competition, lies, and jealousy remain at the root of their interaction with others.

If honest, a person is fearful that it may cost them their reputation.

One reason why I love Armchair Expert is because it reminds me of someone else I love. Brennan Manning.  After years of therapy and involvement in AA, Manning started a club of men called "The Notorious Sinners." He talks about it in his book that I have read.  I have no doubt many people pitied him while he was still alive, but perhaps this came with a lack of boundaries, particularly in the lives of these critics? I'm not sue, I don't know. :)

But I think the world needs more "notorious sinners" societies.  Why? Main reason being: Jesus loves these people. He didn't lust after the prostitute. He embraced and accepted her.  He didn't condemn the tax collectors. He condemned the greedy Pharisees for saying one thing, but doing another thing with their hearts.

"Beloved, let us not love with words and deeds, but with action and in truth."

Podcasts can be a source of healing.  Perhaps among those who are competing in this world, this truth will be a balm of healing for hearts.  I know I have encountered such an experience through my own exploration into the word of podcasts. And for that, I am truly grateful and thankful.

And I feel so much better about coming clean. :)

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