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Project October: Day Twenty-Six: Culture Wars (7QT)

*Recently, I was talking to a friend who is reading a very interesting-sounding book, one I think I would like to read at some point, Albion's Seed by David Hackett Fischer.  My friend was telling me about the history of immigrants to the US, and how the culture here can largely be traced to the various English settlers in various regions of the U.S. Perhaps our cultural history can't be tied down to simply colonialism. These details influence childrearing, education, and attitudes toward sex. (music, fashion, literature)?  As this book proves, we have to go back further in time to see how other continents, such as GB ultimately shaped our society today.  Culture wars are deeper than you/we/ and/or I once thought!! :)

*I responded by saying, “That would be very interesting to me- my Mom is of Swedish/Norwegian descent; my Dad is of English/Welsh heritage.  Hence, our last name- which for me was my maiden name, Williams.”  I think the book explores the east and particularly the ethnicities of the Southeast, but it could be more about New England, than Southern, such as another book I have read Hillbilly Elegy, which actually focuses more on the drug culture of Ohio but also the South. Many of these hillbillies across the Southeast have their roots in the Scottish immigrants of past generations.

*This conversation caused me to ponder cultural heritage and how that makes us who we are. My Mom's parents were both of second generation Scandinavian descent. Grandparents were first generation immigrants to the USA.  Many of my Mom's cousins still live in Uppsala, (oops) Sweden and Bronnesund, (northern!) Norway!  My Mom has gone to visit them several times!  I believe I get my love of ikea, cool furniture, architecture, blonde hair, love of (and worship of hot and sexy) Vikings, and coffee from my Scandinavian roots- apparently they drink kaffe all day long, and sometimes even all night, as according to the movie Ordet.  I think most Scandanavian people are sad a lot of the time, and I base that on the movies Wild Strawberries--- in fact all movies directed by Ingmar Bergman-- and A Man Called Ove.  Also dark and cold.   Their cookies and chocolate are the absolut best. Cinnamon rolls.

*From my English and Welsh relatives I got : Pale skin, a love of antiquing and nice wooden furniture,  croquet, chamber music, my pickier palate, and of course my love of bossing people around. (My Dad's ancestors had slaves, so there you go).  #british #palepride  Also my love of NON-spicy food.  Everyone knows WASP stands for White-as-shit Protestant, right?!  Can I say that I actually hate tea.  I will not drink sweet tea. I basically HATE it and for that reason I thank my relatives on the other side. hahahaha.

*I can see heritage traits in my husband as well. He is primarily of German, Eastern European, and Scottish descent. I can totally see how his logical, no-nonsense approach to life comes from his German side, and I can see from his looks, that he favors some of his relatives from Eastern European side.  He is mostly a homebody and loves coffee and reading like me (we are both Introverts on Myers Briggs).  He has been known to be bossy and I think that comes from the Scottish roots. *  Now our children are certainly mutts, but it will be interesting to see what they bring to the table as they get older!

*From both sides Protestant blood, but I WILL NOT GO INTO THAT RIGHT NOW.  No but really, we are from a firmly protestant background, and we don't have the privilege of having been brought up Catholic.  I would say I identify most with the Lutheran tendency, which is ironic because Luther is the one who started the whole Reformation!  How can I say I identify with someone who sought to essentially tear down the truths I hold dear?  Because it is precisely how I was raised!  Anyway, I'm not at liberty to speak at length about this topic, because I don't believe in rocking the boat.    #lutheran #presbyterian #baptist #proooooooooooooooooootestant 

*I think this question is so interesting… perhaps even more intriguing in some ways than personality types. I know- scandalous!  But really, what determines our outlook on life? Nature? Nurture?  Culture?  War?

What is your cultural heritage?

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A form of this article was first published May 21, 2015

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