Monday, October 22, 2018

Project October: Day Twenty-Two: My Love For Instastories (And Who to Follow)

Over the past year or so, I have really fallen in love with Instastories on Instagram.

Why do I like it/them?  They are a fast way to communicate with friends.  You can use fun filters and fun GIF's.  You can communicate, get support, it can be a creative outlet.  You can also connect with others and give support.  It can be a great way to be inspired on a daily basis, and you may even find yourself contemplating big ideas... or getting an idea from something you saw on instastories.

My terms of enjoying an instagram handle:
-they post regularly
-they participate on stories
-they are active with comments 
-they treat it like talking to a dear friend or sister
-they're unapologetic

My five favorite people to follow on instagram are as follows:

Jacquie // Handle: @sweetersidemom 
Nikki Dinki  // Handle: @nikkidinki
Damaris Philips// Handle: @chefdphillips
Lauren Bryan Knight// Handle: @aspiringkennedy
Elsie Larson // Handle: @elsielarson

Go have fun following some new people today! :)

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