Thursday, October 25, 2018

Project October: Day Twenty-Five: Links edition!

Writing everyday for this challenge has been a discipline! Unfortunately, to be honest I am having a hard time keeping up.  We are looking at the last week and we are staring down the final few days.  In the meantime....  here are a few  Quick Reads....!  :)  I truly thank you for sticking around for today's edition of links.

Can Catholic Literature Build on Its Rich Heritage?  @ America Magazine, written by Joshua Hren
This very scholarly article is an excellent piece.  It quotes Bernardo Aparicio, a friend and the founder of the Dappled Things website and literary journal.   Worth a read.

Cider and Donuts and Alternative, a Spotify Playlist @ Verily Magazine {by Emily Lehman}
There are some really good musical choices herein.

Why I Stay @ Dappled Things {written by Terence Sweeney}
Instead of a retractive attitude toward our faith, this exploration of courage in the face of bad news is encouraging.

The Paradox of Holiness- Hidden but Radiant @ Catholic Exchange {written by Stephen Beale}
This is an inspiring piece and I love following this writer on Twitter.  :)

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