Saturday, October 20, 2018

Project October: Day Twenty: 4 Youtube Videos for Inspiring Planning Well

It seems like Youtube has inspired a whole new generation in a whole new way!  
Whenever I am frustrated by homeschooling, I go to youtube for inspiration.   I tried to think of five channels I enjoy following, but I only came up with 4.  😊

Here are some youtube videos I recommend:

Plan With Me @ Come Home For Comfort

I love Whitney Pendell! She is honest, open, and she has a beautiful and inspiring home.  Her method of planning is so meticulous, and it speaks to my crafty personality.  I have watched many of her videos as I find them all pretty great. :)

New Homeschool Room @ Prairie Pioneer Homeschool

I enjoy many of the videos on this channel of a Seton/Waldorf homeschooling Mom.  This is a fun look at her space and it was inspiring as well!  

Day in the Life @ Our Crazy Happy Home {homeschooling in Australia}

I loved this video and highly recommend it, especially if you feel dry and frustrated in homeschool journey. She seems like a sweet Mama who is dedicated to many things!

Be A Catholic Youtuber @ A Catholic Mom's Life

This is a sweet young Mom, with a heart for reaching more people for Christ. She has a beautiful faith and a wonderful Catholic witness!  This was a great video!

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