Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Project October: Day Three: Funny and Thoughtful TV {The Good Place}

Recently I have watched a few tv shows that deal with the issue of the afterlife.

TBH, I am profoundly intrigued by these issues. Recently, I decided to binge watch Forever and The Good Place. As the world knows I freaking love Fred Armisen, and I think the crowning achievement of Forever, other than awesome music, was seeing someone who never gets angry actually getting a little upset. Armisen is a calm, funny presence. When you see him get upset, his acting is at its peak, and I think this is because it is coming from someone who rarely actually gets mad like this. Hilarious to Watch -- it is good stuff. :)

In this post, I will mostly be talking about the show The Good Place. I decided to rewatch the first season, in an effort to describe what it is I like about this show.

8 reasons why I love this show:


1) it's deep

This question deals with the problem of Heaven and Hell. It culminates in several visits to the Medium place, where cocaine and dirty minds reign supreme. I find it hilarious to see how the show tries to overcome the blasé aspects of life that lead to tired, predictable story lines found in so many other popular shows of our era!

2) it's funny

Somehow, the script-writers are able to keep this show light-hearted, despite the heavy subject material. Eleanor Shellstrop so very much wants to be good, but she struggles with selfishness, a bad past, and a history of wounds from very poor parenting. Her acting sparkles, and she is among a tour-de-force cast of hilarious characters.

3) it's intriguing

I never know how or where the writers will take the screen-play from week to week (or episode to episode).  I am rooting for demons and the other Non-humans who must daily interact with the human souls they are trying to "torture."


4) it's philosophical

now, how is "philosophical' different from deep? haha.  In this show, moral philosophers are regularly referenced, and Chidi, the moral philosopher and professor is constantly commenting on the goals of human morality and the purpose and meaning of life. They also explore in this show the difference between physical torture and something much worse-- emotional and psychological torture among true friends.

5) it's complicated

without giving away the plot, the characters must figure out how to collaborate with a friendly demon .... even though they know they basically can't trust him. They have to solve the problem of how to win him to their side, and appeal to his basic tendencies to be a real, actual human.

6) it's interesting

how is "interesting" (DUH) different from "complicated"?  I want to keep watching. I'm rooting for the robots, the dum-dums, and the idiots, and I find myself constantly wondering, "WHY am I rooting for this person/ this relationship." I think it is because so many elements- such as plot, character development, and creative characters- keep my interest.


7) it's fair

there is no one physical type that is praised in this show.  I got so used to the diversity in the show, that when I saw an ad for Will and Grace I was like, "What is the DEAL? What do all of these white people think they're doing?!" haha

8) it's awesome

the whole package just makes me really happy!  the profundity and creativity make me want to keep watching.  While other shows try to make spin-offs, ultimately the deeper questions of life strung together with very good acting keep me watching (and loving!) this show The Good Place.

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