Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Project October: Day Ten: Personality Typing with Gretchen Rubin

Today I want to discuss and talk about the Four Tendencies theory of personality by Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen Rubin came up with this theory when she wrote the book The Four Tendencies.

I have taken the quiz and I got the result that of the four tendencies, upholder, questioner, obliger, and rebel, I am a rebel: someone who resists outer and inner expectations.  

This means that when I set a resolution, I may not meet it, because my desire to do my own thing outweighs people pleasing or meeting the expectations of others.

I love the Happier podcast hosted by Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft. I highly recommend it. I love to hear sisters gab and laugh about what habits, ideas, and impulses make their lives happier. It inspires and encourages me.

When it comes to personality tests and quizzes, I see the strengths and weaknesses. Any theory of why we do what we do can exist to inspire self-knowledge, which I think is good.  I have also taken quizzes for Myers-Briggs and Enneagram.  

One weakness I see in the personality typing is that we can assign all of our actions to "reasons of personality" and then we don't have a theological reason for what we do.  

My theory of "why we do what we do" is something I came up with recently, and I call it the power cycle vs. the humility cycle.

If a person is a praying person, then the reason they do what they do is for faith.  

If you exist in a power cycle, your feelings, motivations, and actions spring from interactions with others that give you a feeling of power.

If you exist in a humility cycle, your feelings, motivations, and actions spring from faith in God.  Your happiness comes from prayer and submission to God.

What do you think of my theory?  Will you take the quiz I mentioned above at

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