Saturday, October 6, 2018

Project October: Day Six: Church Scandal and Theological Awareness

With the Kavanaugh hearings and all that is coming out of the church, I think I can safely say it is ok to be disturbed by the news cycle and the state of my own faith, the Catholic church.  As much as our current political climate is a circus show with BS from extreme views on both sides and mostly bottlenecking the news, I'm focusing now on the state of the Church rather than the state of our country.

I have felt a pretty substantial heartbreak over the recent news involving the McCarrick scandal and the divisive actions of various bishops.  The thing that really hurts my heart is knowing that people who have Jesus and his love are intentionally in conflict in such a way as to only cause more pain and heartbreak. This should not be. It makes me sad. :(

I have had many conversations with friends about these issues.  My opinion is that it is good to be aware, but it is not good to dwell on it.  To continue focus on all that is right takes discipline, and I'm up for that challenge. I know that my job right now is to pray a daily rosary, offer up my suffering for division and suffering in the church, and do penance (such as fast from a rosary treat, and instead pray).

My conviction at this time is to stay with the Church. Focus on her beauty. Don't blame anyone in particular.  I can't throw shame at leaders that I don't know personally.  The problems in the Church are deep. They are philosophical (coming from philosophers), they are theological (coming from theologians), and they are cultural (coming from American culture.)

It is ok to be heartbroken.

It is good to offer up our suffering.

It is redemptive to pray for the brokenness; a holy rosary gives us spiritual armor.

The world looks at our country and our faith as an example. When we let them down with a poor example, the conscience of the ignorant is harmed.

When we do what is right, we will deserve respect.

"Innocent men may be tainted by false accusation, or guilty men may be left to repeat the sins of the past."
-Cardinal Dinardo

Should we solve injustice with injustice?

What do you think?

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