Monday, October 1, 2018

Project October: Day One: A Little Bit About Me

Welcome to the Project October: 31 days of caffeination!

I'm glad you're here.

A little bit about me.

My name is Tacy.  It is my real name but my parents always told me "It comes from Anastasia." This name means one who will rise again. 

I was named after a nun who wrote a note to encourage my parents in their marriage when my mother was pregnant with me.

I converted to Catholicism the very same year as my husband Easter, 2011. I know for a fact that St. Therese prayed me into the church after I read her autobiography. Shout out, today is her feast day.

As for my personality, do you all remember the hashtag from a few years ago, #describeyourselfin3fictionalcharacters ?  It was a fun game on social media and I partook!

... This was mine.

with a little bit of Eleanor Shellstrop thrown in....

I'm an INFP, rebel, enneagram 7. 

That's an enthusiastic, idealistic introvert with a tendency to do my own thing.


I'm a homeschooling mama to 6, two of which aren't quite old enough for school yet. :)~

I love to laugh, I love to talk, and I love to philosophize, and that's probably enough about me, so let's get to it.  If you're also a passionate coffee drinker and caffeine enthusiast, I think you're going to enjoy this.

Here are some ideas of what is to come over the next 31 days.

I will kick it off by talking about all of the following, in a general culture/cultural awareness type way.  Then, I will get more deeply into books and around the middle of October I will do a lot of book reviews.  Around the post-middle of the month, I will go into family and how the bookish culture informs parenting, homeschooling, and homemaking in general.  And finally, I will wrap it up with an informed look at politics in the public sphere through the lens of faith and culture. I'm excited. Thanks for joining me!  This should be a fun job.

Sooooo, come right back!!! :)


LeighAnna said...

What a fun series!! I look forward to reading these posts this month!

Tacy said...

Aw thanks!