Friday, October 19, 2018

Project October: Day Nineteen: Using Social Media (7QT)

Here are 7 Quick Takes about social media. I'm joining the party gang over at Kelly's.  I'm just going to shoot the breeze concerning all things social media.


My favorite social media tool is... something of a toss-up between instagram and Twitter, but probably all told, Twitter.  Twitter is social without being too personal. It's business casual. You can drive up traffic and improve hits, without hitting the social runway with your kids.  Cool. A


Pinterest was fun for a minute, then it got depressing.  It frustrated me on a blogging level, because it wasn't really my niche.  Pinterest is best for food bloggers or Mommy bloggers who are doing the whole thing.. the rat race.  My posts aren't typecast and they don't fall into the commonplace Mommy blog. Pinterest was not good for traffic or hits.  I finally just started using it for recipes, and now I don't even use it for that.  What is it good for?  Maybe for me looking up party ad craft ideas. Otherwise, nah, not so much.


Facebook.... I have come to loathe you.  I have to say, it is the most shallow, base, frustrating medium there is.  The only thing I think it is good for is driving up traffic. Other than that, it feels like a brothel on drugs.  The more you use it, perhaps the more it becomes a social place.  But the more you use it, the more social it gets (!!) which.... kinda sucks.    I hate a lot of things that I have come to associate with FB including competitiveness, comparison, and just a general feeling of BLAH. Will it stick around? Probably. Will I stay on there? Probably.  Because, again.... social.


Going private on instagram.  I have given myself .2 seconds to think about this, so bear with me.  Instagram is beautiful. It can be captivating.  It can also be narcissistic and I think it feeds undiagnosed megalomania and other serious mental illnesses.  Just by itself, it can be good and bad. But now with telegram (A social tool where people can add to likes by joining groups), it can become an obsession.  FOMO is real, and envy is real. Every road trip, every vacation, every outfit, every meal.... results in comparison out the wazoo. Yikes.


Should you get your news on social media?

I think absolutely, yes. Getting news and becoming informed is a huge appeal for our generation, and many use social media to make it ten times more efficient. I am all about efficiency. That's why I shop at Aldi.  Twitter can offer mighty meaty- a condensed version of the news.  There is also the spark of other people, hence the social aspect. Instagram will have your friends, family, and neighbors' thoughts about whatever is in this current news cycle. That's cool, too.


Are you addicted to social media?

I think most people I know are addicted to instagram. There, I said it.


Do you have a serious addiction to social media or is it feeding a mental illness?

What I'm concerned about isn't a lightweight constant attachment to your phone.  I'm worried that your self-esteem is coming from a Fake Fog. Are you addicted to Twitter and Insta? Recently I noticed that our very leaders are perpetuating certain tendencies such as narcisism, and it will have a trickle-down effect It is so entrenched in our culture today, I have seen a need for conscious and conscientious effort to reduce our attachment. Let us not cause the weaker brother to sin or be tempted.



Unknown said...

Your experience with social media is different than mine. I am not on Twitter, but the public feeds I have seen seem to be a dumpster fire of politics, and male dominated, and uncivil, very argumentative without any humility. Instagram can do the things you say, but if you stick to following non-professionals, it helps a lot! Facebook seems quiet these days on my friends' pages, so sticking to that seems fine. I only friend people who I think would walk up to me at a party where there's other friends as well. I get friend requests from friends of siblings and such who never talk to me. Nope. I actually think about switching to Instagram and deleting FB but I don't think my guy friends are on Instagram. __MariaE

Tacy said...

I think we all have a different experience-- that is a fair assessment.

I also think that finding fellow Moms in the trenches who "keep it real" is essential on Insta.

Thanks for your insights!