Thursday, October 4, 2018

Project October: Day Four: A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park (Book Review)

Are you looking for a very short novel to read, that will take you to Africa, where you will learn about the issues and trials facing a people group lacking basic necessities like clothing and running water?

Look no further, for I have a great recommendation for you.  Join me as we uncover what's to love about this NY times bestselling novella.

Learn About Sudan and Ethiopia

I get so frustrated when I hear the media using the word, "conflict." This is a euphemism for war, and war, my friends, is not pretty.  We all have had a taste of the spiritual warfare over our souls.  Unfortunately, many people live in a poverty of spirit that indeed incorporates de facto war in their day to day lives. Instead of sticking head in sand or mud, try making your heart accessible to the physical reality portrayed this book.

Heartstrings tugged by the calamities facing large people groups

 If you hope your heart will break for real issues such as these, you are not in for a treat by listening to candy-coated news media coverage of such things. You will instead get your heart ripped open for a cause you didn't know you needed to know about. Perhaps you are looking for a place to give your next nickel.  This book is worth reading if so.

Easy, entertaining read that reaches across almost all ages

This is a story of a little boy who overcomes hurdles as he matures.  I read it in one night.  I found it impactful all the way through.  I think many in the Western world may gloss over it because it's another book in a string of books in the same vein. I can honestly say this is not a run-of-the-mill choice when it comes to book-choices.

Fantastic Writing

Linda Sue Park is famous for her work in the children's publishing industry.  This book truly knows no one particular age audience.  Anyone could pick it up and glean an honest, interesting story from it, because it is gripping and so well written.

True Story

I don't know what else to say, except I'm profoundly grateful that I picked it up and read this true story of African culture.  I was fascinated to see how this children's author would reach across typical genres, but I am glad to say I found myself pleasantly surprised.  I loved it!

I grabbed this at my local bookseller, and caring about these issues was just as simple as that.  :)

A +

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