Friday, August 17, 2018

Seven *Quick* Quick Takes (7QT)

Church Scandal

NPR covered the church scandal and I have so many thoughts (too many, really) to address this in totality here.

Needless to say, it is painful as a Catholic to hear this news.

I think I have surpassed my "honeymoon phase" with Catholicism and my Catholic faith. I suffered the seven year itch, and came out stronger in my faith in the end.  I was really struggling with anger for a while toward what I felt was some backwardness in the South (in general and in the Church) including political views held and mediocrity in regards to faithful Catholic living in a practical, pragmatic sense.

I can't imagine being betrayed by my priest or bishop or in any way feeling mistrust in those in leadership over me. Despite my frustrations with Catholicism in the American South, I have never had a reason to dislike my own priests or leaders in our parish community.

I am hoping that this challenge makes us stronger.  I think we are growing and we can come out flourishing and much stronger on the other side.  In the mean time, we need to pray - I recommend and suggest praying a nightly rosary for as many nights as you can in an effort to bring peace to an extremely sad situation.

New job

In other, more happy news..... Stephen got a new job! He basically got a promotion and raise, and we feel really successful when you consider that the company that hired him, Carbon Five, does work for Disney, Conan O'Brien, etc. and has offices in NYC, San Fran, and LA.  We feel surprised and blessed at this God-given task he has before him.  I'm really proud of him.

Upcoming Travels

That said, we will be traveling together to Santa Monica, California in a few weeks for his training. I can't wait!  But it does make me feel a bit busy and overwhelmed what with homeschool, his job and responsibilities, and general busyness of packing and arranging childcare and other arrangements for us to leave.

Upcoming on the blog

I am probably going to be taking an extended break from blogging until mid to late September.  I feel as though I need to focus on homeschooling, and with our travels coming up, I have a feeling I will be a little less than focused.  Follow along with our fun adventures on instagram. also have a Facebook page.


An Open Letter From Young Catholics @ First Things

~6 &7~
TV shows

We have been watching the show New Girl with Zooey Deschanel on Netflix.  We laugh hysterically at the antics (especially that of Max Greenfield), but sadly it is *not* edifying in the least. Frustrating when something that makes you laugh also offends you.  Our culture is-- and can be-- so backwards.


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