Wednesday, August 1, 2018

monthly recap vol 57~ July 2018 Reno is done!

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Lately, I've been thinking about and pondering our decision to homeschool and I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS(!!!!). As you will see in the following long paragraph.   This fall everything is going to change. I know it would be so easy to put our kids in school. That's because I know that life well now. Molly will be in fifth grade this year.  I know how I would get it all done. I would be planning Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner a month in advance.  I would drive, keep the littles busy, do homework, bed routine, and early wake-up and get dressed calls. There would be involvement in school activities and extracurriculars.... picnics and meetings and meet-and-greets.  And that feels .... SAFE.  But what my heart of hearts says is that life should not be safe. "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing" says Helen Keller and this has been our chalkboard all Summer. I keep feeling a thought: "Get rid of all your crutches, Tacy."  It is too easy to let others' take my children's education into their own hands. I have to do hard things for me and for our family.  The time has come, and now for us that means homeschooling. I'm nervous-- super nervous!-- because it is a huge deal. But as our plans come into clear focus, I'm more excited than anything else. More excited than ever before. More devoted and on board for this decision than ever before.

We're treading in deep water, but in the midst of murky doubt, here are the things keeping me afloat- more than a lifejacket-- my lifeboat if you will.  As I've prayed, these thoughts have bubbled to the surface of the tide pool of doubt.  First, God is in control. Second, I believe God supplies grace. Third, I believe that when we delight ourselves in God he gives us the desires of our heart. If we give, receive, and depend on help of those available -- our co-op, our priests, tutors, babysitters, church, friends, and family--- then we will be fine. God is love and he loves us. "O Israel hope in the Lord," for there is nothing to fear and so much to hope in!  And more than that (depending on those around me) homeschooling is fulfilling work. Preparing a space for my kids to learn, feeling able to influence them, and planning lessons to seep and steep into their hearts is rewarding! For a shot of encouragement, check out the Google Docs I have attached below in links.


This month was AMAZING for my reading life, and that is in large part because I read two books on the way down to FL and two on the way back. (7 hour drive, plus more with stops for little bladders). I am trying to meet my goal to read a little over a book a week this year.  See my goodreads reading challenge here.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng
5/5 stars
Satisfying, interesting, delightful read and I definitely recommend it!

Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Latham
4/5 stars
Confusing, but interesting look at the Tulsa, OK race riots of 1921.  I learned a lot and it stretched me intellectually with plot twists and many characters. I recommend it!

Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
3/5 stars
I wanted to absolutely love this. It was a very quick read, and the shortness appealed to me.  I also enjoyed the easy-reading style since I read it in a noisy car on a road trip.  All in all the storyline seemed a little less than amazing, I suppose.

One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler
4/5 stars
This was great and I didn't have anything bad to say about it by the end. For some reason it left me with a weird and completely and utterly random hankering for hot dog powder.  Or queso. It was like a shot in the arm of encouragement for following your dreams while raising a family. Like Jen I have six kids, I'm Catholic, and I love to write. I had all the feels many times while reading, because it resonated so much with me. Also, quick and easy read and perfect for a road trip.

I'll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa De Los Santos
4/5 stars
I wanted to be over the moon about this book, but it hit me and I was hoping it would smack me in just the right angle.  The mystery wasn't coming through me for me.  It was a little too trendy in style for me to get wrapped up in either the writing or the plot.  Still worth reading, though and pick it up if you're at all interested.

Stardust by Neil Gaiman
5/5 stars
This book of fantasy just made me happy. It is not as thrilling as his other books, but it is just as fantastical.  His writing is dense, creatively charged, and inspiring.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Started this but have not finished it yet! :/  I read about 1/4 and while it is very fast-paced and intricately written, the premise of a psychopath wife ultimately scared me away! lol :0))

Dance Camp! :)


The Great British Baking Show

I have an on-again, off-again relationship with baking, but when I'm on, I'm passionate and on-fire! This show is the perfect kindling for that inspiration!

The Shape of Water

This academy-award winning movie was fantastic.  I have a little bit of a sci-fi streak but what I liked about it was the old-school film feel it had with a fresh, new perspective and twist throughout. I didn't expect to like the main character, but honestly by the end I thought she was absolutely fantastic.

A Wrinkle in Time

We watched this as a family on vacation, and Molly teared up at the end of the movie. I turned to Stephen and said, We're doing something right. She was nervous that she wouldn't understand the movie but she absolutely did and by the end, she was begging to re-watch it.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

This movie is definitely not for everyone, but the acting is STELLAR. I have been a longtime fan of Frances McDormand so for me = no brainer. Beware of language.



I don't have anything specific to mention about these, but they are all so good and they help me unwind or inspire me while I'm driving or doing housework!  I will say something in general about podcasts. Two of my friends asked me about podcasts this month, interested in starting to listen.  All you need is a podcast app and a pair of headphones.  THAT'S it! I use Podcruncher and love it, but I have also tried other various apps and they all work fine. Then be sure to look up the following because they are all great.  I know you can also listen to most podcasts in Spotify and Stitcher as well.

Smartest Person in the Room

Song Exploder

Sorta Awesome

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

The Jennifer Fulwiler show 

I love the gray/blue ! 

--Renovating the Attic--

The kids are actually, finally sleeping in the attic (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  The process has taken since before Spring Break, but now that it is done, honestly I'm overwhelmingly thankful and all of the time we waited to use our space feels SO worth it. We have repainted the nursery and homeschool room blue and grey respectively. They have also been rearranged for the new set-up. The funny thing is that the day we moved into the upstairs, our church began renovations and we must now meet for Mass in the basement of our church. As soon as life is rearranged correctly at home, it feels discombobulated elsewhere. So it goes!!

No more tan rooms!
A place for read-aclouds... and again no more tan! (Did I mention no more tan?)
Throwback to ballet babes, clutter, and .... tan! :0)


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Christina said...

Your renos look great! And I loved Little Fires Everywhere, it's a contender for my favourite book of 2018.

LeighAnna Schesser said...

I love Stardust! Have you seen the movie? It is one of the only adaptations I can think of, ever, where the movie-story is different from the book-story but still absolutely stellar. (Pun intended!) I'm definitely checking out your "Organize Your Life & Homeschool." I've been revamping my systems for pretty much everything lately and am soaking up ideas. I love your renovated space! It looks amazing!

Tacy said...

Christina and LeighAnna- We should connect on social media! Thanks for your comments