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Summer is Busy/Fun...& more thoughts on homeschool (not quite 7QT!)

Summer Busyness

The Summer always shakes up our routine quite a bit, and honestly I'm not sure who is around to read blogs any more - or at least in this season- so, I'm keeping it short. As usual we have been keeping busy and jumping in plenty of rivers and pools. :)

I parked the stroller and let the kids play .... Conrad was not happy to be parked! As long as he is moving, he's fine. :o)

Hey, I recognize that dress!!!! :-D

We did our annual Staycation and it was as fun as it was frugal.  Highly recommend and you can read more about ALL of that here.

I myself fell off my workout-at-the-gym routine and missed my regular exercise. I tried to go running but I could tell I wasn't really burning the calories like I do at the gym.  I try to go M,W, and Th nights at 7:30 and workout for an hour.  I do the bike or treadmill, then lift weights and do the kettle bell.  I know it gets my heart rate up and as I am faithful, I'm able to increase the amount of weights and I try to push myself to burn more calories each time I go.

Homeschool Plans

We are planning to start Seton in August.  I am eager to get rolling. I can't wait to have more time for nature walks, reading, and playing.  I will admit to nerves and the occasional fear, but mostly I'm excited and it grows as the time grows nearer. Annabel is potty training which may sound random, but young mothers probably know it isn't. Having to change half the diapers will change my life completely.

I think homeschooling should/ will help connection between me and Stephen, because he is planning to do the majority of teaching, and I will make sure (enforce) they do their lessons. He is very eager to start serious Latin lessons with them.  We will try to attend daily mass as much as possible, go to the library and nature center as much as possible, also visit places around town, travel, and we'll have co-op on Fridays.

I have help in the form of a mother's helper this Summer. She goes to school so in the fall I want to find someone else like her.  She is Molly's age, so young and a companion but she also is very helpful. She comes to help to do the chores around the house. Last time, she cleaned windows, folded clothes, and made a smoothie for the littles. She also did some art projects with the littles.

I am crossing fingers, but I think we will survive with lots of prayer and hopefully some help from my older girls specifically with dishes and diapers. :0)


Renovation Progress

Our attic is almost totally renovated. It is exciting. I can't wait to start using it, living in it, and making it beautiful.  Right now, they need to install light fixtures and stain the hardwood floors. The floors were finally installed 2 weeks ago!  I have been updating in my instal-stories so follow there if you are interested! Would love to have you friend!! :)


Halfway through the month and halfway through this month's reading. Summer vibes in full effect. I will try to bulk up my reading list in July, as we will be traveling a bit and I can pack it into the driving hours.  What is better than kids in the sprinkler and relaxing with a marg and book??

I have so far read An American Marriage and Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions.   Absolutely loved this second book about the culture of Sicily and a mishmash of funny dialogue, witty plot, and absolutely unbeatable setting.  Fabulous prose/references to classic lit as well.  But let me back up. Reading about black culture in the former has been heart-wrenching... it made me start wondering about statistics.  Without spoiling the plot, AAM deals with a false accusation which results in jail.  It would lead one to assume that the trials of the African American experience would lead to despair. However...  observe:

I think the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain rattled me and many of us because these people had no reason for despair from the outside: success, beauty, fame.  But privilege and leisure can lead to its own form of restlessness and purposelessness.  We can have a million pity parties for the less fortunate, (as well we should- and grow awareness of the bias and the detrimental cycles of these cultures-- I'm the first to get worked up about this).  But I think the news and these stories, as well as the statistics show that the true poverty of spirit lies (SURPRISE!) with the rich and famous.

Botany and Discovery of Nature with Kids

I just had to mention this because its awesomeness is tip top.  the >>>Picture This<<< app! I love it. You can photograph any plant- be it flower, tree leaf, or small plant, and it will identify it by name.

We went on a hike at Raccoon Mountain and made all of these discoveries while walking. I seriously cannot wait to more hikes and discover more nature and botany. I plan to purchase nature journals for most of my kids for the Fall. I think this app is sure to help!

Yay! :)

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