Friday, May 11, 2018

What Do You Want, Besides The Love of God in You? (7QT)


Right now I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love. This is the famous book from the early oughts, (2006) about Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to three countries in search of balance between pleasure and prayer.  I have seen the movie and I know how influential this memoir was back in the day, and how it continues to be pervasive in our culture. I'm just glad I'm not in the dark about it anymore.

It has me thinking about how a) someone should write a Catholic version of this book. Instead of meditating, yoga, and Hindu religious practice, a person could write about growing in spiritual faith as a Catholic  and b) how we all have something in common as humans and that is our desire to learn how to love.  Often, like Gilbert writes about learning to meditate and pray to Hindu gods, I have trouble with self-control because I must figure out what I want, how to ask God, how to pray and ask, and then how to act on that.  If I named to you all of the things I want (perfect body, perfect soul, perfect patience, to name a few), I would probably go on so long I'd catch cancer and die before finishing my list.  Before I die, I want to travel! see the world! again!  I want a perfect house!  A mansion! perfect furnishing and seasonal decor!  I want x number of kids and this many boys and girls! I want to be more fit with bags of money and a large bank account! I want, I want, I want.

I hear God speaking in the midst of all of this, and I hear him audibly asking me Tacy: "What do you *want*?"  What do you really want, my daughter Tacy? And I think the biggest thing that comes to mind is to be consumed by the fire of your love.  Maybe this: "Communion with God through Jesus Christ, which can be found in the Eucharist."  I want holiness, because if I have the self-control of holiness, that will give me things I think I want (I will be more healthy, happy, and whole).  Loving God and loving my neighbor- these things sum up the 10 commandments. Eastern religions water down the truths of the Bible, but ultimately Gurus in India are like any other guru in the U.S.  Often they're hard-working, they teach universal truths, and perhaps they are even called by God (Gilbert makes this case) they get people in good shape. (And, of course, make money out of the whole deal!) But obviously, they are missing the direct link to God which is Jesus Christ.

(Why would you want or prefer the watered down version when you can have The Real Thing? I'll never know).

Blogging Agenda

My craft-blogging (soon to be obsession- just you wait and watch!) has been put on hold.  I was so excited about my first crafty item in the plan or works.... sewing a pillow cover for the new kids' bunkrooms in our attic.  I bought the fabric, cut it, and pinned it.... then I looked around for the plug for my sewing machine, and I could not find it anywhere. This may have something to do with has everything to do with the fact that all of our CLUTTER is out of storage.

So, what should I do? My dilemma is: buy a new cord for my Brother machine, or wait until I can look more thoroughly for the cord I'm assuming is hiding somewhere in my bedroom!



It was Madeleine's 6th birthday this week, and Conrad is TURNING ONE on Sunday.  My how time flies!!!  We had an immediate family-only party on Madeleine's actual birthday (Monday) and we plan to celebrate with bigger bash (double birthday party)with extended family from around our town, this weekend.

Renovations & Plans

I think we'll be done renovating our attic in early June.  It has been very slow going which is to be expected, but also humbling.  If I had to sum it up in a word I would say "DISTRESSING" because.... we lost our storage space and we lost two closets.  We had no home for ANYTHING. We got rid of bags and bags of stuff, and yet we have plastic bins of off-season clothing and decor, as well as camping stuff, sheets, and towels, and anything else you might imagine being held in storage, PLUS Stephen's clothes.... and it is invading all of our upstairs bedrooms.

As soon as the contractors finish our attic, it turns out there was enough space to create a large storage closet.  As soon as they are done, we can move all of the CLUTTER back up into that closet. Until then... I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING.  And it is really hard and annoying. Especially when you want to sew.

just a super cute baby!


You all know the song from Bye Bye Birdie "We Love You Conrad"?  You can go watch it here. The funny thing is, I met some friends of friends.... the husband was a newly hired English professor at my alma mater Covenant College.. Really nice, super nice couple.  His wife thought my name was Tancy and I just could not stop laughing about that.... I have gotten everything from Stacy to Tracey to Casey but never  Tancy.  Then she started singing a passionate rendition of the Conrad song from the musical, and it cracked him up! Now when he's eating I'll pull it up on my laptop and we watch it together.  He loves the song (and he loves music - maybe more than any of my other kids have!)

A really funny interview


If you haven't seen Jimmy Fallon's interview with Blake Shelton where he does his own version of "I'll Name the Dogs," you need to go see it.  Skip to near the end to see him sing the song.  I guarantee this is the funniest thing you will see all week. ever see in your life.  I just can't explain the whole Jimmy making fun of country music, but this song just begs to be mocked, don't you find??

(various types of) interlocking seams! :0)

One More Blog post over at Lavender's Blue

Hey what would I do without my friends at Kelly's to help me be patient by giving me a friendly ear while I RANT about all things renovation and staying patient in the midst of distressing and humbling (very humbling) circumstances.


 I Will Be Strong (and one of these days I'll stop complaining like a woman in her third trimester).

#tiredofthecomplainingyet #iwillhangon


jen said...

I read the book about 10 years ago and posted about it here:

Spoiler alert: I hate her.

A good substitute from a Christian perspective that a lot of my Catholic friends love is "A Year of Biblical Womanhood" by Rachel Held Evans. (All of her writing is AMAZING and I can't wait until her newest book comes out this summer.)

Tacy said...

I read your commentary/review about this book. I am not sure what to say, but it sounds like you had some strong feelings about it. For me it is hard not to transfer my own bitterness onto things "out there" like the new age movement. I do not find Gilbert to be a good example on many counts and that is sad. Yet I admire some things about her, namely as Julia Roberts captured in the movie, her desire to love all people. (She is also highly intelligent, as is displayed in the instance with the man banned from the US as an immigrant who loves NYC and knows it backward and forward as she does).

Cristina said...

Oh, I can’t wait to see the final product of the attic bunk room! The house we’re renting in July is supposedly having the walk up attic finished out for us before we get there in July. It’s got a pitched roof on either side though so I can’t quite picture how the beds will go. Straight down the middle maybe?

Also, I never read this book but I did attempt her one on her creative process and I just couldn’t even. She lost me when she started describing how ideas are really alive and they wil fly away to someone else if you don’t bring them to life. Literally. They will decide for themselves to fly away. 😂😂😂. I kept thinking maybe she’s confused with angels or perhaps the Holy Spirit’s prompting?