Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Monthly Recap vol. 54~ April 2018


The BEST smelling bouquet of roses, lavender and lily of the valley from my April garden.

Progress on our attic storage renovations (we are turning it into bedrooms for the kiddos.) The drywall is done! We've seen so much progress with construction generally as well as electrical. We - meaning contractors--- they're awesome if slow, but it takes time !!!!-- still have to put in hardwood flooring and (white) paint ... plus install light fixtures and getting everything ready bedding-wise. I'm guessing another month at least. That would put us at early June, here's hoping (cheers)!  But if you want to see what we have picked out you can view the Attic color scheme on Pinterest; you can see the sconces we picked (LOVE)  one will go over each bed. The quilts we picked are from clementine kids: he basic breakdown: Boys: Mint Sconces/Grey Quilts Girls: Mint Sconces/Peach Quilt. Pillows will tie their color schemes together.


I tore through my stack this month!


1. you should read this essay collection by Ann Patchett. It is that good.
2. You should read Station Eleven.  I'm starstruck by her sci-fi storytelling and it has a nice subtle twist that kept me guessing until the end.
3. You should read Bookshop on the Corner. my Scottish happy place. clean/fun/gorgeous writing/ adorably lovable characters / protagonist.
4. You should read Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. It is SO good. Oxford bred writer with fantastic taste - fun storyline and hysterical if moody storytelling. #LOVE

I pretty much nailed it when it came to my selections this month! Hurray!


My Spring playlist May She Will Stay

Also: Beach House concert with Stephen my love! :)


Saw The Big Sick with Stephen, starring Kumail Nanjani (from Portlandia fame) and we both thought it was hilarious. It had triggers but honestly I thought the way the doctors dealt with the illness by medically-induced coma was somewhat hopeful in a strange way.  I know if you have medical triggers I just hit them all with that synopsis, probably (AND I DO) but it was dealt with in such a real, emotionally raw way and I say see it!! It is sooooo funny.

~Kids Are Reading~

raisin' em right

We went back to Parnassus Books in Nashville, this time Molly and Conrad came with me!



This is how you pronounce Prince Louis @ Harpers Bazaar

Alfie Evans' Dad to Prosecute for Murder @ The Daily Wire

"Italy gave baby Alfie citizenship and upon the request of Pope Francis there is a helicopter ready to take the baby to seek treatment if the courts allow. Baby Alfie is currently off his life-support and fighting for his life as medical staff is instructed to not help, but let him die."

Quit Social Media. Your Career Might Depend on It @ The NY Times (by Cal Newport, author of Deep Work)

I have a lot of thoughts about this article.  What do you all think about the points he makes? We can chat in the comments, as I know this is soooooooo controversial and thought-provoking.  :0)


my snobbery has been fulfilled at last

For me, the warmer months always scream "ice-cream." I happen to be terribly picky about ice-cream and I pretty much won't eat it or order it unless it's chocolate chip cookie dough, from a fro-yo place, or from Coldstone or that type of place. To me ice-cream is like eating a plain avocado vs. guacamole. It has to have big (I want to say chunks of but that just sounds nasty) flavor. But when I saw this, I knew I would have to get on that train and try it asap.  The gourmet guacamole of ice-cream.



I finally got my hair done for the Summer!

My new craft blog, which you can read here

I'll be posting there every Wednesday.

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This post is definitely short for a monthly recap. I'm putting more energy into my Lavender's Blue community!


Christina said...

Loving your summer haircut and your list of books for the month. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine was fantastic!

Rachel @ Never Enough Novels said...

Mmm I also have a container of Gimme Smores in my freezer! It's divine. Your book stack is fabulous, lots of great suggestions. Good luck with the home stretch in the attic!

Michele Morin said...

My husband and I both agree that a pint of Ben and Jerry's and two spoons is the perfect date night.