Friday, May 25, 2018

How We Are Surviving the Summer So Far (Art camp, Pets, and General Insanity) 7QT


Art Stations

Today is the last day of school! We are gearing up for a fun Summer. I talked about doing art stations last Summer, but when I wrote that post it was "sort of" working, but not really.. I'm happy to report that with more practice (a little...) it is working very well for us now. We had been doing it slowly, and that's fun, but Frances had the idea to do it fast, and that was a lot of fun!  Don't worry about the kids doing art for a second then asking to move onto something else.... even though it says "fast" this will keep them busy with art for quite a while.

How Fast Stations works:

Make an example piece of art using multi-media. I used pens, markers, stickers, paint, and repurposed crayons.

Set up the stations for each type of media.  A station for pens, one for markers, one for stickers, one for paint, and one for repurposed crayons.  Have the kids use the same piece of paper, and rotate around the table, quickly adding decoration to their art using the art supplies from that station.

Ask them to think of their own version of "art stations." I'm sure there are a million ways to do this! ;)

Usually we do a main "craft of the day" and this time, it was melted crayons made into repurposed crayons using a regular ol' muffin tin! Easy peasy....

to make NEW crayons, out of old, peel paper, break up into pieces, spray muffin tin with cooking spray, and bake on 275 for 10 min. Let cool at least 10 min.  Remove.  To give your art that melty look, use a hairdryer! :)


Our new pet gerbil

We got a gerbil!  After the turtle fun we had over Spring Break, I realized how much entertainment a pet provides, so we were in the market for a pet.  I was worried because we do have two cats. With Summer coming I was willing to take a risk and I knew it would be a source of good fun entertainment from my own good experiences as a child. Considering that the kids were entertained for a solid 48 hours with petting, feeding, watching, and taking him for 'walks' in his hamster ball, I suppose I was right.

Copernicus- "Copper" was a good pet. BUT _-- this story is a bit sad, but it has a happy ending.  Suffice it to say.... YEAH, Hint hint it has something to do with cats.  We may or may have had a cat tip over the cage. Copper was gone for 24 hours but we found him under the oven and put him back.πŸΎπŸ˜‚

Our contractor Bob Demarco installing a 3rd story window

Renovation Progress

The painting of walls has commenced.  They installed windows as part of fire code. This photo was taken whilst I was trying to keep little people from walking anywhere near the ladder. Mostly my general insanity could be chalked up to our lack of storage space and the fact that we can't put any.thing. away without an attic and two closets. Brush? Random linens? Medicine? As I have mentioned.  They finally cleaned it out, though, and although it doesn't yet have a door, we were still able to utilize it for our bajillion and two bins of stuff-ola. :) But that doesn't mean that our other spaces are not filled to capacity with all of our junk that has yet to be rearranged with the attic being unfinished.

We now have to wait for Stephen's new closet to have shelves!  In the mean time, please don't ask me to do any extra chores. My life is waaaaaaay too complicated right now to stress about extra things. With painters in the way as extra guests as well as contractor, his assistant carpenter, etc. it is just still too cray cray for me to think straight, much less push myself in any capacity. I keep thinking about Anger (the character) in inside out and I mentally blow fumes out the top of my head as I ask myself over and over again all day long.... "where should I put this???"

By the way, change another dirty diaper!!!!! #wrath #gotoconfessiontacy

Reviving Ye Olde  Art Cabinet

We used up the last of the paint from our Spring Art Camp.  Every year my "art supply list on a dime"  changes a little bit, but that always depends on what we plan to make.  This year it holds:

-crayola tempera paint
-shaving cream
-sharpies and scented markers
-glitter glue
-paper- regular and cardstock
-popsicle sticks
-puff paint

Here's the eternal conundrum: Over-plan and then stress when you lose control (fail to plan, plan to fail) or fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, AKA let the Spirit lead ... and feel more peaceful, but by 4pm you are so frantic at the prospect of boredom that you breakdown mentally?

I vote Make a Plan. It's so much more fun that way, too.  Build into your schedule times to "let the spirit lead" and "practice the peaceful presence of Jesus" and you can have the best of both worlds.  (This is hypothetical of course).


Poetry and Drawing Books with Shakespeare

In preparation for homeschool, and inspired by Celeste Cruz, I loved this instagram from my friend Rochelle. (IRL) I am gearing up and hoping we will be doing some Shakespearean memorization combined with art this fall in our homeschool curriculum.

meanwhile this girly pie is full of silly humor and cuteness :0)


Playing Outside & Molly's veggie garden

Playing outside has been the biggest lifesaver for living life as a family of 8.  I can just say go to the front or back yard and the kids will find something to do, be it swimming, bug-hunting, or games.  Usually it is imagination games, but I have NOTHING wrong with that!  They are so much happier when we play outside. The best part is, I'm finally not pregnant, so I took Frances on a bike ride to the library and that was so much fun.  A sign of many to come, I"m sure!

Life hasn't been easy with a pre-toddler aka one-year-old and I'm feeling the middle-age burnout really deeply and probably semi- for the first time. It is so humbling.  BUT Molly has become quite the gardener, in spite of my failings! She is growing lettuce, morning glories, and radishes. Golly gee, I'm so proud of her. I mean look at what she can do. She could do anything!


My Reading Progress

Reading has been a wee bit slow this month.  I"ll talk more about that in monthly recap, but I'll just say this: every year before the MMD reading list comes out, I experience a dry spell. I can't tell you how eagerly I anticipate her reading suggestions for the Summer each year.  I finished two books, then I tried reading two of the books on my list for the month, but they were too slow. When I have some money saved up, I'm going to go buy everything on THE list.

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kristina b said...

I love your art ideas! The multi-media art stations one isn't something I'd thought of before - I think I'll try it out when the kids start to get tired of their current coloring book obsession.

My solution to the plan or not-to-plan dilemma is to made a list of possibilities that I am prepared for and pull one out when boredom threatens. The stress of trying to get three kids under 5 to adhere to my plans for any significant length of time just isn't worth it for me, but they definitely need me to be ready with ideas and activities to help jumpstart their imagination and feed their curious minds.