Friday, April 13, 2018

Our Spring Break in 7QT

time away

What a refreshing way to spend a week- a free vacay in my parents' cabin on the TN river. This was our view. We saw turtles (1), birds of all varieties, bugs, a huge scorpion, fish, several varieties of butterflies, trees, and flowers.

easter art camp

For art camp this year we did Potato Stamping easter eggs, an egg wreath with washi tape, egg crowns, bunny ears, rock painting, and lots of other random crafts. Consider the craftapalooza for this year's Easter done and done. :)

husband and wife getaway

After spending a week on the TN river with our kids over their spring break, Stephen and I got away from it all by spending the weekend after SB at a KOA campground in Decatur, AL.  It was so fun and just the breath of fresh air I needed. Sadly, the high was 39 degrees while there so we were perpetually freezing. I can't really complain though because staying in a cabin is basically glamping. And I can't think of a better recipe for >>reading 24/7<< than cold weather!!! :)
the kids' absolute favorite treat to make themselves- cotton top cones using cotton candy! (Kids seriously love these!)

homemade robin's nests... we melted the peeps because otherwise GAG 

Conrad... I have never seen him so happy :0) 😘

easter treats to eat!

So far: banana splits, peep s'mores dip, oreos, cotton top cones, homemade robin nests!  View all of our art camp activities and treats on my Pinterest board Art Camp and Holidays (Mostly Easter)! And of course we have been eating lots of nutritious meals and a balanced diet, that goes without saying!

my grandma's funeral

Right smack dab in the middle of the first Easter week, we remembered my grandma's life in nashville. It has been so hard saying goodbye to my grandma. Thankfully, what softens the blow is the beautiful family that stood as testament to the heritage of God's love and his grace.  She had 17 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Here are some attendees from her funeral. Molly, Conrad, and my nephew Aiden.


All of that time driving and camping/glamping last week gave me plenty of time to read. I had mixed feelings about this book. SOCIAL MEDIA interruption reeeeeeal quick: I spoke more about it on instagram stories (I have all of my books reviews saved/highlighted to my profile) so follow me there if you don't already. I"m @tacywb. Come see if I'm being 100% honest about my tech addiction -- or not! :) #noguilt #haha #screentime or #noscreentime

easter sunday!

I'm going to crank out my easter post soon enough. In the mean time, enjoy this little peek at our kids on easter morning!

for further reading: our decision to homeschool our kids next year

Happy Eastertide! (I feel like an ad for a cheesy laundry detergent commercial... why?!)
God bless!
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