Friday, April 27, 2018

On Writing and Let's Talk About S@% Baby + A Giveaway! (7QT)

fika : a social institution in Sweden, meaning to have a coffee break :)

On Writing


I've been reading an essay collection by Ann Patchett, and it has me thinking about the various types of essays one can read.   I rifled and surfed and turned pages intangible, fanning the ones I held loosely in my hands feverishly.  So here are the categories I compiled (of course and as always, off the top of my head:) and perhaps this could give the "non-mathy" peeps some strategies to carry as they go.

Narrative (literary, not strictly or as a rule) essay , you could think Ann Patchett, because the writing is organized, beautifully structured, literary, and truly a lovely experience.  Then, 5 Paragraph (Intellectual or Scholarly) Essay, you could think First Things articles and it is so organized, you can almost skip around and find what you need.  Then, there's Modern Stream-of-Consciousness Essay, you could think Ann Lamott which is not (really that) organized, but you can read it one gulp-- or at least one sitting. Then we have the organized and Scholarly Long-form essay Think Philosophers such as Euclid....  And I'd say this is for the mathematicians and the left-brained among us, who enjoy piecing together a complicated puzzle as they read, and they enjoy doing it. (so not me!!!!) :)  All of this to say: the reason I was an English major and not a Philosophy major in college, maybe!

Not all writing forms come in takes! Shocker! I know...  I have been enjoying some non-fiction of late, and these categories are helping me discern books that are "So! For! Me!" and those that I'd rather just as soon leave by the wayside. For someone else to grab. At a used bookstore. Or wherever you find or buy your books... bargain, or not.  It has also helped me to discern what kind of writer I am and who I aspire to be.  Oh and then you have to talk about the writing, in each category, that is good or slobby (slobbish?).



So, yea, on that note, I'm scrawlin' myself a novel.  At first, it started as a way to burn off some steam. I would turn on good music and anything by Sam Beam or Band of Horses or this and just get cracking.  Eventually it also turned into a literal remedy as I deal with some things I'm experiencing in life. Who knew it would also a) become just the escape I needed from days full to the brim with kiddos and kiddo stuff and the stress of all that and b) become catharsis for a tangled tall glass of feelings I was carrying around. Bonus that my love of writing also re-inspired me to be involved on Twitter. Here's a deal: want a free book? I will send you a free Ann Patchett collection of essays- it is sitting here right beside me- if you go like me over on Twitter, perhaps my second novel could use a hand, and come back and comment here.

I'm loving Twitter lately.

On Sex and Marriage


The longest I have ever not been pregnant since Stephen and I were wed was between Molly and Frances, which is 2 years and 10 months.  If you calculate how many months I have been pregnant (fifty-four months) during our MARRIAGE, I would say that is how long we have had fearless time to be intimate. Sure I've had plenty of my share of morning sickness, but let's look on the bright side. Not only does NFP lead to a healthier and more *natural,* obviously, relationship with you to your body, it also gives you FREEDOM in the bedroom and thus a more natural relationship with your spouse.  We have not sworn off another baby entirely (although we feel very happy where we are), but we have all the peace in the world- so much peace about the way we have chosen to do family life. >>Why? << Think of all that time that instead of avoiding or fearing pregnancy, we gave our pleasure and intimacy free reign?  As we are open to life, and natural family planning, so too it is stunning for our wedding vows and our relationship.

Any time you combine the sanguine with the fearless,  you might find your backbone. Bonus points for incalculable joy at having children and being able to have intercourse without fear.  (or painful, unnaturally serious surgeries).  Oh and yes, by fearlessness I do mean TRUST without borders.

Catholicism for this reason alone rocks in my humble opinion.

On Music


I feel like the best music can really move you, such as the post-rock band Explosions in the Sky. (recommend)  Then I think Country music is there for those times when you just want to have fun.  But in terms of *the best* and *my favorite,* well.... I'm picky I guess?

The best cover every night  THIS  >>SO actually GOOD<< (how to understand portlandia i guess?)

I have always and forever loved The Innocence Mission. So, when I found this cover I knew I was ready for heaven. I was right. The lyrics: (for your *pleasure,* because all of TIM lyrics are so awesome).

Old days, don't come to find me
The sun is just about to climb up over there
'While my heart is sinking I do not want my voice
To go out into the air'
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You're always miles ahead
And you're standing in tomorrow on the runway

Oh be the music in my head
The air around my bed, oh be my rest
Replace the small disgraces of
The times and places that I never really left
Did you leave the darkness without me?
You're always miles ahead
And you're standing in tomorrow on the runway

Oh I want to fly, fly forward into the light
Be alive, to come alive
On the leaf-bright Friday drive
Sudden horses at the red light
Turn around, see clearer ways to go now

The song "Every Moment" needs to be on Spotify.

So I discovered this amazing song when I was in college. I always wanted to find *this* rogue wave. Apparently they are only this stripped down for soundtracks. I found the rock version on their first album on Spotify. When I searched on and clicked the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack I did not see this. This made me very sad, to say the least, as this has allllllways been my favorite song by Rogue Wave, and I was just sorta hoping for an entire acoustic album?!  Also, am I dating myself by telling you that Napoleon Dynamite came out when I was in COLLEGE?!

On Getting Ready for Mass


So let's talk about a tip for making getting ready for Mass (or Church) a bit easier.  A few weeks ago amidst the Easter craziness frenzy to make it to Mass on time wearing our spic and span gear, appropriate for weather, the occasion, and the MANY ages of our children, I was explaining to Stephen my very FALLACIOUS theory of getting ready.

Ok, here's my very faulty opinion/theory/ idea on the matter (s) and many things at hand:

"Sometimes you can find everything you need in 15 minutes. That's called grace. Sometimes you will spend hours getting ready, and you still can't find the appropriate sandals for the season. I say maybe God is trying to teach you humility and you should just go with the flow. Or maybe he is trying to use you for the blessing of others- to show them that black shoes in April is fine. It's totally fine."

His response (which I found witty, brilliant, and gracious):

"Or maybe you could start the night before."

And my thought, after further reflection was:

"Or even just 30 minutes before. Instead of 5 minutes or 15 minutes, on a good day."

Because I was thinking about it, and I KNOW he's right. But when I was meeting my friend at the playground, I was able to find all of the shoes easily in 10 minutes. Why does God choose to give me grace in that scenario? Could he not easily give me just as much grace on Sunday morning? But- let me interject this thought right here-- with all that is going on on Sundays (spiritual warfare? Lazy weekend and no one doing their normal week-time chores? an extra beer on Saturday night perrrrrrhaps?), I make excuses, and we are ALWAYS scattered, flitting about like fairies fighting dragons in neverland, spinning into --Internal Anger/Chaos- and HELL NO we aren't ready for Mass on time. If we are we look like unbrushed crazies beings shoved out of the third layer of Mordor.

"But maybe you could start the night before."

Then my argument with him was: "Well, God gave you the grace to say that to me, which means it took me until now to have the grace to hear it/learn it/realize it. And there is absolutely nothing I could have done until now to have known to do that.  Great factoid, but Stephen, it is allllll always about timing.  And grace."

Now you understand why my twisted mind is full of tormented thoughts that fill me with guilt more regularly than "on occasion." More like constant anxiety and if I'm lucky, no panic attacks.

**Bonus Take**


So, in my (very limited) spare time, I started a Arts and Craft Blog. It is called Lavender's Blue after the well-known song, and truthfully, I'm super excited about it. So excited, in fact, that I have decided to devote every Wednesday to writing a post there.  The design is simple as ever but that's what I love about Blogger! Seriously, so easy to start and maintain a blog and I'll be a devotee for life. :) I mean it took an afternoon. HA.  Why arts and crafts blogging? I love art: Painting with Watercolor, etc. and I love working with paper crafts like making cards and scrapbooking! Bonus points if I pull out the third sewing machine I have bought since I was a newlywed. Yes, sewing,too  of course! :) I love exploring every corner and aisle of Michaels and deciding which projects to try. Stay tuned! And perhaps do not be surprised if I only post once a week here just to keep ya'll in the know.... for the foreseeable future! I'm excited!

You can follow me on Twitter for updates on my arts and crafts blog!
Also, my Pinterest account name has changed to Lavender's Blue and I'll focus more on arts over there, so come be a friend there, too. :)  I might take off from social media on the weekends to focus more on my other endeavors.  #beafriend #yay

I will leave you with this blessing.

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Foxy's Domestic Side said...

So much to say, first yay for writing your own novel, congrats on that! and I love that when God decides to give you grace. Sunday mornings for us...super rushed. Well we used to go to 10:45 mass and we've changed to 9am..and let me tell you...I can barely get 2 kids out the door, I don't know how you do it! Love the random ramblings of todays my mind works most of the time. Good luck with the new blog!

Tacy said...

Thanks Sarah! It is CRAZY getting these kids ready. I don't know why Sunday is/feels so different from every other day! Haha! I will be in touch with you about the giveaway! Your name is in the runnings!!!!

Justine Y @ Little Dove said...

How fun that you started a new blog! In all your "spare" time. ;)

Tacy said...

Thanks, Justine!

Tif Nichols Fannin said...

All kinds of good things going on! Yay for a new blog and good luck completing your novel! Also, I can’t even tell you the last time I read an essay—I need to.

Tacy said...

Thanks, Tif!