Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eleven Years of Easter Memories

I've been posting our Easter memories every year for ... eleven years!  I love seeing the kids grow, and I love observing the additions as we go thru the years! ;-) This is worth it just to see Molly's little smile and wrinkled-up nose as a toddler, and to see how fast our family has grown! Enjoy! :)
Year One: Annapolis, MD
Molly was born in January so she was still a tiny 3 month old munchkin for her first Easter. I remember my Mom sending us this dress.
Year Two: Annapolis, MD
This was our cute apartment near the Naval Academy. Molly was 15 months and my parents came to visit! I don't know why but for some reason I didn't get a picture of her Easter dress that year (although I know we went to church on Easter Sunday) ;-).

Year Three: Annapolis, MD
I remember carefully cropping out her brown shoes because I didn't have time to buy white ones. Molly was 2! I loved that dress, though haha. 
Year Four: Annapolis, MD
Stephen's parents and his sister and her kids came to visit us for Easter. Molly was 3 and Frances (not pictured) was 6 months old. Stephen's Mom Sandy was helping the kids dye Easter eggs.

Year Five: Hyattsville, MD (Washington D.C.)
Molly was 4 and Frances was 18 months. I remember going to the Dollar Store to buy those tiny Easter baskets!

Year Six: Tennessee
Our first year in our "new" house.... Madeleine's first Easter! She was about 11 months old.

Year Seven: Tennessee 
This is at our parish. Anders was about 8 months, Madeleine almost 2, Frances 3, Molly 6.

Year Eight: Tennessee
Molly 7, Frances 4, Madeleine 2, Anders 1

Year Nine: Tennessee
Molly 8, Frances 5, Madeleine 3, Anders 2, Annabel 9 months

Year Ten: Tennessee
ages: Molly 9, Frances 6, Madeleine 4, Anders 3, Annabel 1

Year Eleven: Tennessee
ages: Molly 10, Frances 7, Madeleine 5, Anders 4, Annabel 2, Conrad 10 months

(Also of note: Conrad WAS wearing a bow-tie but you can hardly see it hahaha) ;-)

A lot of people ask me exactly how close together our kids are. The answer:
Molly + Frances > 2 years, 10 months apart
Frances + Madeleine > 19 months apart
Madeleine + Anders>  14 months apart
Anders + Annabel > 2 years, 1 month (25 months) apart
Annabel + Conrad > 20 months apart

The space between Madeleine and Anders, as you can imagine, was the hardest and most stressful scenario. I still remember my shock that they were barely missing coming under the radar for Irish twins. When we found out he was a  boy, we were so shocked but it made all of the suffering so worth it because we were all thrilled and ecstatic. Enough rambling, I know! :)
God bless and see you next year. Haha. :)

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