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Monthly Recap vol. 53~ March 2018

~1 Lately~


Yeah, as I mentioned, we are turning our attic storage into bedrooms for the kiddos. Also, I had a birthday this month. Best night ever.  Also, I gave up shopping for Lent. Here is a visual*

This was my March book stack.

~2 Reading~

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Ooooh I loved this book! 

It reminded me of Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier, because it is a mystery that slowly unravels. Also, urban London and surrounding areas. I die. I love this framework and setting.

It's a pageturner. I would like to say it is also a quick read, but it's actually quite thorough storytelling, so if you are like me (not an incredibly fast reader, more like a little above average) you can read it in a week.

I loved how Hawkins unraveled each character as well. I kept feeling in over my head, then catching up. It was almost like swimming in a narrative so dense I had to come up for air occasionally.

If you complain of not liking dark stories/plots, give this a chance. It is scary but not *too* scary (a la Stephen King), and it is privileged but not too privileged.

SPOILER: I'm kind of afraid to watch the movie!!

My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

Hmmm... mixed feelings.

I read this book after reading a dense, packed book with a VERY deep plot.

This book goes nowhere.
It is not as profound as people keep saying.
If you want deep, profound characters, I recommend Kristin Hannah.

I might try Olive Kitteridge just because I want to know what all of the fuss is about.
I appreciated that this book was short, because occasionally simplicity and the feeling that you don't have to invest a TON of precious time and energy is very nice.

All in all, I wouldn't say I understood why people say this book is full of jewels. It seems to me full of misguided analogies, and it is rather a snoozer of a plot. Moody. Perhaps slightly twisted.

The Things We Do For Love by Kristin Hannah

What happens when a young girl named Lauren becomes pregnant and she must make some important decisions? A woman named Angie helps her figure out issues of single parenthood ... I love the humor and grace with which this interesting book deals. Hannah always incorporates the zeitgeist of the age with references to pop culture and music. As usual, I loved this book by Kristin Hannah.

Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

I will have to finish this book in April, as I just started it!

Also finished the book I mentioned last month, Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg.

All in all a good month for reading. I did not read Invisible Man by Ellison, although I dipped into it a time or two.  I've been posting my book "hopefuls" for many months now, but this month the slow, creeping realization that I would not be able to plow through all of them was in stark contrast to my past aspirations.  I did get through *almost* all of them. But that's not ALL of them. I suppose I'll have to do these at the end of the month from now on?!  And also: Why did it take me so long to realize this??  😂

I usually base these estimations on whether or not I presume something to be be an "easy read"? And again the sudden realization that : "How would I know before reading it?!"  comes into focus and I realize I really need to stop being so presumptuous with my reading ambitions. HA!

~3 Listening~

You know how when you use Spotify a lot (Spotify users), you get recommendations from their algorithm? Here is my 

RANDOMLY GENERATED PLAYLIST of such awesome goodness, I couldn't turn down the damn robot.

Honestly, though, for every song they recommended that I liked, I thought of three or several other artists I had to include in this edition of Good Music Tacy recommends.

I loved the mood--  even just analyzing the two Joni Mitchell songs I used, somewhat chilly, hanging onto the breathless sadness of winter (Blue), balanced with nuanced notes of hope (Both Sides Now).

Music can help us cope through even the darkest of moods and moments. I said Goodbye to my Grandma this month, and Bob Dylan's Tangled Up in Blue and REM's Losing My Religion carried me through to the other side of Winter.

As I worked out, I blasted Trampled by Turtles' Codeine and every minute went faster because of the good music.  I finished out a workout with weight lifting to Rut by the Killers and I couldn't believe my luck at how quickly the time passed!  It took 2 Avett Brothers songs to take out the recycling after we emptied our attic for renovations.  Only two bluegrass songs with an upbeat rhythm to do the chore I dreaded all.week.long?  Once again I know it and I can see it--
  Good music is everything.  I have proven my point. I shall move on.



Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Yes. Yes! YES!!!!

4. Kids Are Reading

5. Linking

I can't get enough of Martha Stewart recipes, but when I saw this, I just had to share.  Apparently her bad-assery with dinner parties knows absolutely no bounds!! I guess she *did* learn a thing or two in prison.  (?!)  BAHAHAHA.  Talk about #oddcouple  And you have to check out Snoop Dog's recipe for Lobster Thermidor, AKA Skrilla Godzilla.

6. This 

7. Lent Wrap-Up 
I gave up shopping for Lent, and in the mean time, and it has felt LONG. I have had a little resurrection of sorts in my perceptions toward shopping. I think a lot about the Proverbs 31 woman who considers a field and buys it, who is clothed in purple and silk. Right? RIGHT??  Ha.

Before Lent, I was like: I have so many errands, I am about to pass out. I guess I'll just make it fun and buy myself a present. *Passes out*

And now I'm like, "Let's do this. ... NO I'm always this happy. Why?!"  😂

Have a VERY happy Easter!  😘

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