Friday, March 16, 2018

Life Lately (Renovating and Springtime Quick Takes)


Renovating our attic!

As I mentioned, we are renovating our attic-- turning storage and piles of boxes into bedrooms (!!), and we are turning the downstairs bedrooms into a playroom and nursery/gym (?).   The fate of the nursery is still up in the air, but the concept right now is to put down hardwood flooring in the nursery so that we can eventually use it for crafting/supplies and some of Stephen's workout equipment. We are trying to eliminate the need for a gym membership, perhaps in the near future.  My two new favorite things?  This and this.  We have a contractor and his assistant working on the stairs, so when I asked how it was going, they said, "It is a lot of little steps."  😂



Molly joined the volleyball team this Spring, and she is having a total blast and really enjoying the exercise, community, and camaraderie! I think she has found a sport she loves. She seems more focused and I love to see her enjoying it.


St. Patrick's Day!

I totally nailed dinner the other night, (it tasted way better than it looks-- Chicken vermicelli and rice with peas, baked sweet potatoes, and fresh-baked dinner rolls from Niedlov's bakery....)  which is making me excited about the deals at Aldi this weekend, including sales on Corned Beef.... and even cabbage.  I think some Bailey's Irish cream might be in tall order this weekend, what say you??


Art Camp!

I made a "book"!  I have been compiling our family traditions, and this is by no means a professional endeavor, but if you want, maybe I will someday soon even turn it into a google document! :)  haha, mostly I'm just doing this for the kids...we needed a reference manual and this is helping me to commit to memory the traditions and feast days we've adopted since becoming Catholic. Also- did you know.... the difference between Feasts, Memorials, and Solemnities? You probably did. But it was news to me. We have so many reasons to celebrate in the Catholic church! It's all kinds of amazing to me still as a convert!!



I finished a book from 1994 about breast cancer by author Elizabeth Berg and this should be considered a classic. It is called Talk Before Sleep and I was talking on instastories about how her style feels very midwestern to me. Which, by the way, I totally like. Depth of character, ironic, witty, and truly funny moments, real true-to-life events and relatable and even very likable characters.  Normally I stray far away from this type of #trigger, but with fair warning I believe you will not be disappointed by this quick read!



9 months old and 😍

We watched Coco, and I liked it! The kids liked it too, and begged to watch it the next day before our rental time ran out.  We let them watch the first half again.  I think you should see it! I love the perspective of the afterlife and the themes of loved ones who have passed on who ask us to "Remember Me."  Beautiful picture of Mexican humanity and culture!  But what might trump the amazingness of this film is the absolutely incredible twitter handle @ amazonmoviereviews



I've really been enjoying the Criminal podcast. I'm no true crime book fan (at this point), but when I find something that creeps me out without making me feel unsafe, I can enjoy it because I know I'll be able to sleep that night.  It kinds of reminded me of The Girl on the Train... creepy but never the feeling that I'm unsafe in Paula Hawkins' hands. Great read. ha.

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LeighAnna said...

Hi Tacy! I found your blog through 7QT. Your renovations sound so exciting! We starting working on our fixer-upper last year and hope to do more soon. I was excited to see you're a blog contributor to Dappled Things - my favorite journal!

Happy St. Patrick's day! :)

bobbi said...

Hi! Hopping over from 7QT. The book of traditions sounds like a fun project. It'll be fun if you share it. Also, we just watched Coco again this weekend. It's such a sweet movie! :-)

Tacy said...

@LeighAnna- what an interesting name! Thanks for stopping by! I will check out your blog. Looking forward to it.

@Bobbi- so glad to hear someone else enjoyed Coco. We loved it. Thanks for the comment about the art camp book. We shall see if something comes of it! haha :)