Wednesday, February 7, 2018

What's "Saving My Life" Right Now

Of course we all know WHO saved the world.  It wasn't Martin Luther King, Jr. But in other news, these are the little itty bitty things that are "saving my life"  right now.  Linking up with MMD to share just that!! :)

1. Working Out

So at the end of January, I joined a gym.  This has been a long time coming, and after so many years of walking around the block, I'm finally not braving 30 degree nights any more! YAY!  I'm running on treadmills, doing the bike, lifting weights, and doing sit-ups/crunches/push-ups again. My gym has a locker room with showers, hairdryer, and more.. and it is in a superb location. Aaaaand I couldn't be happier with how good a deal I got! (Did anyone know that the Y is *so* expensive??? I'm paying about 70% less per month at my gym!!!)

2. Teaching Molly to vacuum

Recently upon dumping out a toy bin (see below), I handed Molly the vacuum cleaner, taught her how to use the hose attachment, and showed her where the "on" button was. I then proceeded to leave the room.  It has been so freeing now that she is ten to tell her, "Here, do this" and just LEAVE the room!!!! I don't have to supervise, and so much more cleaning is getting done! Woop. woop.

3. Repurposing storage containers

Over the past weekend, I used a file box like this one except turquoise to organize Madeleine's toys. This in turn created a domino effect, and for the first time ever, we organized the toys >>by person<< rather than by type of toy.   It has been wonderful.  I started noticing lots of un-used storage containers throughout the house, and by giving away one VERY large hamper of toys to Salvation Army, I got the girls' room organized once and for all *with our new system.*  Frances has her toys in this type of organizer , different color, in the closet, Molly is using a toy box in their room, Anders has a large basket, and Annabel has a plastic bin in the nursery.  I love it!

While we're talking storage, I've learned that smart people a) buy more unisex clothing and b) buy large.  The blue and pink are cute (sure it is!) and all, but if I had to do it over again, I would have gotten gray, green, white, and yellow onesies and passed them down to all the kids. Same goes for black pants and navy leggings. Jeans, khakis, and jeggings are often too gender-specific, but the cross-over there also doesn't have to be so stark. Perhaps it is all more dim and gray-ish than we think. :0) #buysmarter  I know I can still do this in the future. Also-- buy large then they can wear for 6 months or more, haha... AND black doesn't stain, neither does dark navy or dark plaid. :)

4. Buying coffee and Cleaning {And it goes without saying, reading}

Lately the thing that is getting me through the Winter is going out to a coffee shop somewhere downtown, and buying a good (not super cheap, but amazingly delicious) cup of coffee, and coming back home where I tackle one cleaning project in our house for the day.  It is fun because I often buy Annabel a little treat (her favorite is a chocolate chip cookie as a reward for eating a plate of eggs-- and I'm hoping to blend the treats into potty training in the very near future).  We live downtown, but it is so nice to actually take advantage of all that we have within arms' reach. I am getting better about it now.

It's also nice to finish the cleaning project, rehydrate by drinking a large glass of water with lunch, then make myself a cup of coffee, and read while the babies nap.

5. Drinking wine while perusing Pinterest + Protein powder

Ah, ordinary time, how I dost love thee!!!  Since we're remodeling soon, I have been saving a lot of ideas for our future playroom.  Do the words, "Accent wall" make anyone else hugely excited? No? Just me?  I want to paint the tan walls white, then add one accent wall of either pale pink or pale turquoise-ish like this color, silver mist.  Something about the routine of drinking one glass of wine while checking in with Pinterest makes me feel like I'm still getting a Happy Hour at 5pm everyday. :) Even though the kids climb on me nevertheless!!! But Lent, it cometh soon. Fast approacheth all types of self-denial and this might be the first or second thing that gets the boot!!

Also, this casein protein powder. Tastes delicious.

6. Consistency in errands and shopping +  Saving money

I'm still tackling my weekly chores using this system, and it is working marvelously!  If you missed that post, I do one Walmart run every Monday for staples, then I head to Publix on Tuesdays for any produce or recipe-specific extras.  It's a nice system for my forgetful self. I always know that I can pop in an easy dinner like frozen lasagna on Mondays, then make sure to get everything I need for more complicated menus, for the rest of the week, on Tuesdays.

And I'm not saving money yet --  and it doesn't help that I had $10-20 in my glove compartment that was taken, when Stephen I were both robbed from our cars over the weekend. UGH-- he lost his gym shoes and headphones 😭  I just lost some cash, that I know of.  However, I am planning to give up shopping entirely for Lent, so I'm hoping to save more money that way.  Perhaps a weekly trip to Aldi instead??

Here's hoping!!!!


Stephanie of WMMblog said...

I don't go to Aldi often but I am due for a run. I usually go 1 once every 6 weeks or so. And I hate to hear that your cars were broken into. That stinks.

Tacy said...

Thanks Stephanie!

emily adwartson said...

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