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Monthly Recap vol. 52~ February 2018


Least favorite month, least favorite recap... maybe!

It has been crazy-crazy warm... like record breaking temps in the upper 70's, low 80's here.  We have finally seen an illness reprieve in our family (Thank you, God!) but all of sudden with the warm weather, allergies are in full swing in our house. Sad. :(  Please God don't let it turn into Summer in March... we need a few more weeks of Spring!!!

If you missed it, I started working out and I gave up shopping for Lent. I have been musing on Lent- the long 40 day march to Easter ... really for years now.  I observed it through childhood and young adulthood. Now that I'm 34 going on 35 next month, it looks like I'm finally getting better at sticking to something.  Or maybe I'm just better at figuring out what to give up. So that I can actually do it and it's not too hard. (maniacal laugh...) I can't say i look forward to Lent because it is penitential, but I try to see the little resurrections each and everyday and that thought keeps me afloat. I could talk about Lent for something like 2 hours, but I'll spare you!!! :)

~Thoughts on Homeschooling~

Deep thoughts with jack handy:  I have been experiencing a real tension between a desire to keep our kids in school, and taking them out to homeschool (for at least one year) next year. Right now, we are spending Lent thinking and praying it though. It has nothing to do with unhappiness with our Catholic School and actually....ideally, we might keep Anders in Kindergarten. I would take him to school while Stephen teaches the kids. Then I would teach my subjects while he is at work 9-5, and he would help with schoolwork after dinner.  Kindergarten has been a shaping year for all of our kids. Like al of them learning to walk at the same age (12 months), they all learned to read in Kindergarten.... meaning we like it! :)

I have the desire to use my experience with homeschool, and as Stephen has stated: now all of my graduate school won't be for nothing! (Amen). It also has to do with finances. We would have so much more freedom and opportunities open up next year if we do the homeschool thing.  It is good to have options financially speaking. If you are experiencing any trial or suffering, please offer it all the way up- if you are willing- for us to discern the right steps for next year!


The Olympics

I have absolutely loved watching and following (or trying to follow!) the Olympics figure skating this year.  The American team hasn't done great.  However, we've been entertained by TARA LIPINSKY (love her so much!!) and Johnny Weir's outfits have been interesting to follow as well. Back when I was a sorta foolish middle schooler, my neighbor and I dressed up as Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding (me) as a joke- for Halloween.  This particular friend had a very dry sense of humor- still does, but we were tooooootally just joking. But I got so into #olympicslivetweeting this year so my past is paying off hahahaha. AND--- a NASCAR driver responded to one of my tweets about Weir (What what!!) (Or maybe I should say What What?!)

The Martian

I never mentioned that Stephen and I watched this together a month or two ago.  I truly enjoyed watching it and thought it had a satisfying plot (and ending!!), and Matt Damon did really well with the role ... he is a fave, for sure... never gets old.... I was OBSESSED with the Bourne movies when they came out!

so funny. I die.


Cafe by the Sea by Jenny Colgan

I finished this book from January at the beginning of the month. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it, as a light and fluffy fun read. Her very British style sucked me right in.  It felt long but hey, her style kept me reading so I'm ok with that!

Sing Unburied Sing

This book was quite the experience, I must say. If you follow my instastories (do it! so fun!), you know that I had mixed feelings.  It was slow-going, mainly because the structure is *not* linear.  I kept hearing "It's so beautifully written!"  and "It was the best book I read this year!" and "It is sad! Watch Out!"  I wasn't feeling it, but I kept reading to the end, and I realized her styling seems after the vulture metaphor (or analogy?), a bird circling (and circling) around its prey.  She tells the story from the perspective of many characters, so despite not being linear, it all comes together in the end.  Once I was done and could look back on it, I did like it. So that's something!

Baby Proof by Emily Giffin

Griffin is a bestselling author who lives with her family in Atlanta.  This story is,  as NYTimes says about not having//not wanting kids and "a wry twist on the classic relationship deal-breaker." At first I jived with her vulnerable fresh writing and was wooed by the raw characterization of the protagonist. Eventually though, I felt meh about this.... which I was kind of expecting, simply because it is by no means hot off the press.... she wrote it many moons ago.  I bet Emily Giffin would be low on my favorite best authors who are bestsellers.  Main problem: I don't relate to ANY of the characters.  Add to that.... it is LONG-- everyone loves a short novel... don't they?! Actually, it isn't the length that's the problem. It is the inane materialistic and godless, selfish banter between characters that made me finally decide to run for the hills after completion. Can I be horribly harsh for a minute? Her attempts at humor and jabs at bad grammar only prove one thing, which Flannery O'Connor proved a long time ago: that making fun of Southern humor is the only thing funny about it.  For more reviews and thoughts on this theme, see goodreads. (Many a young woman who believes herself baby proof out there for your consumption!!!)

Frankenstein: How a Monster Became an Icon ed Sidney Perkowitz among others

I've read Frankenstein multiple times- in high school and again as an English major in college- and suffice it to say, I'm a huge fan. :)  This collection of analytical essays was fascinating to no end. It just came out last year. 4/5 stars.

If you want to hear my voice (spoiler I don't have a very Southern accent) I have some book talk about Sing Unburied Sing, Frankenstein, and Cafe by the Sea in my highlighted stories in my insta. handle @tacywb.

ALSO: Super cool: My sister (a teacher at W. Seattle, public high school) had Colson Whitehead, the author of The Underground Railroad,  and winner of the Pulitzer Prize (!!) come and speak at her class-- view the picture on instagram  And yes she is in the picture, although it's a bit like Where's Waldo finding her!  ON MY TBR to be sure!



Happier in Hollywood

I joined this fb group. I'm a huge fan of the Happier podcast, with Gretchen Rubin and this one about writing/producing television with her sister Elizabeth Craft in LA is fantastic! I LOVE how they gently poke fun at life/culture in Hollywood "backbitingI'm eating up every single episode and can't wait to hear more!!!

Are You Still Watching

This lighthearted podcast is a Australian husband-wife duo... they inspire me, and (I think because) as they Australian they are honest about even the things they dislike. I thought it cute to hear them gushing about the latest Spiderman Homecoming (one my kids liked).  Of course they discuss what is on Netflix, but their taste isn't quite up my alley.... even still I love hearing their cute accents as they discuss film,  tv, books, etc.

Beauty and the Vlog

I discovered this and I'm fascinated by the mostly unknown to me world of you tubers. Honestly it is an absorbing unknown world to me and I'm honestly stoked to learn more about the next generation's bread and butter.

My 35th Birthday Beats Playlist

I'm going to say it again: I am so thankful for the Illness reprieve.   I can't stress enough how important staying positive is to me at this stage of life. And if you and/or your family is facing some type of illness or ongoing health issues, (or horrendous weather-- HOT counts!!!:0)  my prayers go out to you. Truly, I will offer my own suffering up for you!  #tryingnottocomplain

God bless!
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Kendra @ said...

I read Sing Unburied Sing this month and hated it. I could see it was well written but it just wasn't for me. I have only read glowing praise so it's nice to see another reader was also less than enhusiastic.

Tacy said...

Yay! I"m not the only one. Ha you are entitled to your own opinion for sure!!!

Amyconcafe said...

Just checking out your blog from the linky! Enjoy your homeschooling. I sure miss it!

Emma Hughes said...

Interesting reviews of the books, so good to hear different opinions 😊 sounds like a tough month for you guys though, really hoping things look up soon and you figure out all the logistics with homeschooling 😘😘