Friday, February 2, 2018

100 ideas *to actually do*, besides go shopping!

Back when Molly was a toddler, I made a notebook full of homeschooling ideas and other things that kept me inspired. When I found that old notebook recently, I decided to jot some of the ideas down here on the ol' blog.  I found it inspiring that I don't really *need* anything to get started with most of these...... and I hope it inspires you, too!

I have noticed a huge trend with "unboxing" and I know online shopping is a pretty big deal, as are subscription services.  With Pinterest and all of the Amazonian wish listing going on, and add to that the fact that many people see shopping as a hobby or a way to bond with others (family or friends), I feel that we should start a counter-cultural movement.  The NO-shopping movement.

Is it possible? Absolutely yes. Is it better?  A million times better.  Have you heard of buy-nothing groups? They were started in Seattle, which is where my sister lives. Yet we don't have one anywhere near my area.  Let's get on that, people in the South!!!  It is a gift culture, where you give away things you no longer need, and can receive what others are giving away. For free!

So without further ado, here are ten ideas in ten categories for a non-shopping movement. :) And even though this isn't 7 things, I'm linking with Kelly today.

1. visit the warner park playground
2. frolic in the woods
3. hike
4. see a waterfalls
5. find a cool tree
6. gather greenery
7. gather wildflowers
8. wade in a creek
9. ride horses
10. fly a kite

1. draw a taco
2. DIY create your own decor
3. paint a flower with watercolors
4. practice drawing rainbows
5. make a collage
6. make greeting cards for pregnant mothers
7. make art for a wedding or baby gift
8. sew a bag
9. color with the kids
10. teach the kids a new crafting method

1. make hot chocolate
2. make mousse
3. make seafood
4. make pacific salad
5. drink coffee and plan
6. buy ingredients for scones
7. make a new smoothie recipe
8. make soup
9. try a new crockpot meal
10. make a cake

1. make valentines
2. make a banner
3. make a pennant
4. perfect playlist
5. simplify a wardrobe using color schemes
6. put inspiring words around the house
7. make sangria/drink a new wine
8. try a new hot tea
9. work on a photo scrapbook
10. make a recipe folder or box

1. read a memoir
2. read a mystery
3. journal
4. draw your prayers
5. create and use a devotional journal
6. journal collage (possibly with a magazine)
7. write a book review
8. plan a series for the blog
9. read aloud to the kids
10. peruse new releases at the library

gardening and planting:
1. get a new houseplant
2. save money in a planter
3. plant bulbs
4. force a bulb
5. get a fern for the front porch
6. build a digging area for the boys
7. plant flowers in pots in the backyard
8. plant flowers on the porch(es)
9. build an outdoor "housekeeping" area for the girls
10. make a backyard tent

health and wellness:
1.  do a video workout
2. long walk
3. make an instagram story about a beauty routine
4. make a new essential oils combination and diffuse it
5. try on new lip colors
6. organize your makeup
7. self-manicure and self-pedicure
8. dance party
9. do pilates
10. swim

with friends:
1. visit with friends for an afternoon playdate
2. get high tea
3. make bread
4. go to a pretty spot for a playdate
5. see a movie
6. go on an overnight to visit a friend
7. visit the zoo or aquarium
8. play tennis or cards
9. meet at library story time
10. go to a museum
making a sugar scrub with lavender oil, using things we already had on hand 
{coconut oil, lavender drops, brown sugar, and baking soda}

1. go for a drive
2. go see the stars
3. write a thank you note
4. write an email to an old friend
5. write a letter to a new friend
6. start a book club
7. write a devotional book
8. make a list of things you are thankful for
9. engage in liturgical reading and studying
10. try lectio divina
-visit a new city
Guess what?!  NONE of these things involve shopping. Not even the thrift store. You might have to buy a magazine or print some photos. Or go grocery shopping. Otherwise--- NOTHING.  The extra hashes are for you to think of your own ideas. What is your hobby, or what is in your wheelhouse?

also! read my January monthly recap 'inspired' if you missed it.

Life is so rich and full. Let's enjoy it shall we?!


Mary Cooper said...

That's a pretty extensive list!
Have a great weekend!
Visiting from 7 Quick Takes.

Tacy said...

Thanks Mary. I'm thinking about giving up shopping for Lent, so... Ha.

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