Monday, January 29, 2018

Monthly Recap vol. 51 ~ January 2018 ~ Inspired

This month was a little sad and gray. I know as per usual for January, but I think we all came down with colds. I got a sinus infection after my cold.  Annabel burned her hand severely, and Frances got the flu, and then of course, she passed it to Madeleine, who passed it to Molly, who passed it to Anders and then me.  Anders had the flu way back in December, I think it is going around again, so we are all on the mend, I think, fi----nally. :)

Right before the flu went around.... Molly is now double-digits, which is so hard to believe, and we did a double-birthday with parties with school (roller skating) and church (PIZZA) friends.


I got a slow start on my reading this month, and with birthdays and colds, it's no wonder. I found 3 Kristin Hannah books at McKays here in town, and I have been perusing several from the library that I plan to (I hope) read cover to cover before the end of February.

I'm not pushing myself to hurry with reading, but a pretty stack or two. I finished Kristin Hannah's Fly Away and came close with The Cafe by the Sea by Colgan, but making plans to tear through some serious books in Feb.  File this away under #whatIlearned in Jan., but something about being sick makes me want to disappear into a podcast episode.


We watched the Coen brothers' film Inside Llewyn Davis, and boy... the cast, the soundtrack, the acting---- SO FREAKING GOOD!  I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen it yet-- find a way.  You need to see this movie!! Justin Timberlake is in it... it stars Oscar Isaac, and it is like a cross between O Brother Where Art Thou and Once.  And hot damn, if that doesn't sell it for you, it is also inspired by >>Bob Dylan<< and the Greenwich Village scene in the 60's. (!!!!)  So. good.

I also enjoyed watching the free documentary on Netflix about Pentatonix.  It is called On Our Way Home.  I was sick and it was entertaining enough to take my mind off the flu. However, I learned some things about the members of the group (namely, that 2 are gay) and I honestly couldn't listen to them the same way again.  As a Catholic, I just simply find it kind of sad. Nothing against them. Nothing at all. I just found it sad and since my Church stands behind me on that, I'm not afraid to say it.  What fellowship has light with darkness?

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel  which has some language, but it is written by Amy Sherman Palladino (who did Gilmore Girls) and it won a Golden Globe.... best actress and best comedy.  The premise feels really fresh and the dynamics and timing are spot-on.  The music is very 50's big band I guess, and It sorta reminds me of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt meets Gilmore Girls.


So many podcasts, so little time.  This month I really got back into listening to podcasts and some of the ones I hadn't listened to in forever got back into regular rotation.

-What Should I Read Next
-The Simple Show
-Fountains of Carrots
-Song Exploder
-Read Aloud Revival

Do you ever hear someone's voice and think, "OH MAN,  is this grating on my ears?!"  Like, I love what this person has to say, but either her voice is too high and saccharine sweet sounding, or she sounds airhead-y, or can't shut up and has no concept that she is interrupting her hosts over and over and over again? And you almost just have to turn it off because someone's voice is getting to you? That is my only problem with podcasts.  Sometimes I just want to tell someone: Listen, you are annoying.  STOP.  Usually it's a guest or a co-host.... so know that I have nothing against you if you are a podcast host.

I asked Stephen to listen to a recent podcast about Stranger Things, and his only commentary was, "The person they interviewed had better vocabulary than the hosts."

also listening to the band Steel Wheels// check out their song "Scrape Me Off the Ceiling"


Bitcoin Bubble Could Be a Billion Dollar Problem for Banks @ USA Today #evilcoin

Winter in Minnesota in January @ Minnesota Hot Dish

This is excellently written and easy to understand. It's encouraging in al the right ways and just like a piece of pie, comforting and inspiring!

This scrapbooking room.... whoa.

Virtuous Evildoers @ First Things Magazine

This may not be at first easily accessible.  Vocabulary excellent, though.

Oscar Nominations 2018 @ Variety

This Youtube channel....  has children's read-clouds, fun! ...there are some that are sketchy to me... (storybook nanny comes to mind, not least because of what I assume would be copyright laws and the voice) but Pink Penguiny whose subtitle is "learn with me" has a cute voice and I love the books she has picked to read. I wouldn't mind sending my kids to that channel over much of what is included on the Youtube Kids app.  😲

Pink Penguiny reads My No No No Day
"        Reads  5 Classic Nursery Rhymes
"        Reads The Grouchy Ladybug
"        Reads The Shape of Me And Other Stuff 

ETC!  :)
~Funny Things They Say~

Madeleine: Did you know that Dr. Martin saved the world?
Stephen: Who is Dr. Martin?
Tacy: (I think she means Martin Luther King Jr?)
Madeleine: Yeah! Martin Luther King Jr. ... He saved the world from laws!
BaHA. 😂

Anders: (holds up a toy dinosaur) Is this dinosaur from Jurassic Park?
Madeleine: Well, it isn't from My Fair Lady.
{Can you tell what our family movie nights this month were comprised of?? heehee}

She dressed herself... and asked me to do her hair like her doll. #jojo

Here's to GOOD HEALTH and PREDICTABLE weather and maybe even some/the occasional affordable beauty/wellness products in February!!!!!!  And here's to inspired living now and during the season of Lent.

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Linda Stoll said...

Hey Tacy ... Good morning from over at Leigh's! Here's hoping that February will be kinder to you when it comes to good health! Fun to peek in a bit at your busy world ...

Michele Morin said...

I get such a kick out of overheard kid conversations.
Mine are much older, but I still laugh at the things they say when (they think) I'm not listening.

Kendra @ said...

Love the My Fair Lady comment. Adorable!

Emma Hughes said...

Ouch with all the health stuff and injuries :( That is never fun! How good is reading? I spent most of January buried in one book or another! Hope your February picks up and everyone continues in good health!

Tacy said...

@linda thank you so much! I am hoping for better health and weather!

@michele good to hear form you!

@kendra always enjoy your blog, totally!

@emma aw, thanks Hope you are well :0)