Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Goals and Word of the Year (expanded)

Well, I already wrote a reflection for the upcoming year, but I only mentioned a few New Years' Resolutions, and I never got into my other hopes, plans, and dreams for 2018. I'm really excited about establishing some goals and my One Word for the year in 2018, so I'm linking up with Kelly again to talk about just that!

My life right now: (except with babies)



Read 55 books

Naptime, playtime on the playground, after they're in bed.... I read. I love to read, which is why I do it. What I also love is having a goal and a rhythm for those moments I can nab and also harness for myself and my #readinghabit.

Get  outside, get into nature {become more active as a family}

We just found a new-to-us playground very nearby, and I'm excited about utilizing that as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer. (Although this week the high where we live was 60, so..... #thatsabnormal ... It seems like this past year was the year for very abnormal weather. I hope it is slightly more predictable this year...!!!!)

Limit screen time and be more creative with kids' activities

One of my goals is to do more pre-school-ish stuff with Annabel, since this is her last year before she starts Pre-K.  I also want to get into the routine we established over winter break, which was doing Chores before any screen time, and making the kids pick up their room and start homework before dinner.  This is our Crafts and Activities page, and I've tried to fill it with *fun* things to do with toddlers.

Lose 10 lbs.

I still haven't gotten all the baby weight off, so my goal is to get in shape this year.
Hiking and walking
Riding bikes
Just Dance
Danielle Peazer from London, England
The 7 Minute Workout
This Workout for Abs
Treadmill workouts


Save money

I want to use the library and used bookstores more frequently, since buying books is one of my biggest weaknesses.  I also want to continue my practice and habit of (1) shopping sales and using coupon codes,  (2) not buying retail if I can help it, (3) waiting on the big purchases, and (4) traveling less and eating out less just in general. I can easily save nearly $500 in a month. To me, if you want to save money, shopping shouldn't be a hobby.  I feel like it should be a duty, and beyond that, it gets dangerous.


Keep the house cleaner

This speaks for itself. I want to declutter al the things and only keep that which brings me JOY!

(7) Get more done and keep balance

I need to delegate, as this is the year that we Renovate and Redecorate the Upstairs and Attic of our house. We're hopefully starting that little journey this month or as soon as we can get our loan approved. :)

My One Word

Last year, my word was Struggle. It was SO apropos.  First, we had Conrad.  I was lazy through the entire pregnancy, and I ate a lot of fast food and Subway.  I struggled to the finish line, his due date, with every last ounce of patience I had stored somewhere in my reserve of self-control. I was exhausted by the process. (**It turns out he is an easy, happy baby, so other than being tired and up at night, having him hasn't been too bad. Yay**)

Second, we stopped eating out for dates, and.... that was hard.  We also had some pretty serious crisis-conflict moments, mostly about differing views on travel, leisure, and decisions in regard to both. I really struggled through some family issues head-on, mostly boundaries stuff. I cried countless times and I think MOST of those times had to do with pregnancy hormones and Post-Partum stuff. Now that I'm 8 months out from giving birth, I cringe to think how EMOTIONAL pregnancy made me.  In fact, it has been a few months since I broke down crying.  It hasn't been that long since I had an angry breakdown (something I'm working on in counseling... it usually means yelling about something COMPLETELY random and not using reason to think things through...).  I appreciate those in the blogosphere who remain vulnerable about this type of thing, so I join them in saying I hope 2018 is better in that regard.

So yeah, struggle was real and the word was so perfect for 2017. When I think about politics and the things happening in the world, I think I can safely say it was a hard year for many. #keepitreal #metoo, etc.

This year, I'm focusing on the word Bright.  It serves two purposes. One, it can motivate me to spend more time in the sunshine getting vitamin D.   Second, as Aristotle said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." That is so true, and I think it also serves to remind me to live a well-thought-out life.  I can use my brain, to reason and make good decisions.  I can inspire others to live a bright life, as well. I can keep growing and I can keep my mind sharp.

Only God knows what 2018 has in store... I will love and I almost can't wait to have Hindsight 20/20 about this word as I do now about the word Struggle. #apropos

My Goals 2018 Pinterest Board



Kelly M. said...

Because I also like to save money and need to exercise, I love YouTube. There are so many great free videos. I've been doing a lot of Barre classes and physioball exercises. If I get bored it's so easy to find something new to try and I haven't wasted any money.
Good luck on your goals!!

Tacy said...

It is hard to save money when you are paying tuition!

Thanks for the well-wishes!!! :)

Tiffany Borges said...

Ummmm can I just use your list? :)

Tacy said...

Sure! But check out Pinterest first. !! :-)