Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Another "Recap!" Adventure~ Advent Week One and Two~ 2017

Ohhhh... the Christmas season. Yes, we may have lit the candles on our Advent wreath....
but this has been a different Advent for me. I have had *plenty* of parenting and Adventing fails this year. Believe me, it all came too fast, and I celebrated feast days on the wrong days, completely forgot Santa Lucia this year, and I just feel so behind. :(  I think having a newborn(ish) baby may have something to do with it!

That's ok, guys!  Don't reach for perfection in the blogosphere or in your decorating at the expense of your family and/or kids. It's not worth the stress! #tired #sotired

And maybe for some of you, this is an error, but we actually got an Elf on the Shelf this year (!!!) Named Johnny Jingle or Jingle Johnny... I can never quite remember which one. :-)~

We "bought in"f! Oh nooooooo! haha. :)  The funny thing is, it has been really fun.  Stephen and I have really gotten into the creative antics, hiding him each night, and our kids are very conscious of good behavior because "the elf is watching" (shhhhh!). Ha.  I sewed him some jammies and I think he's cozy!

Jingle Johnny has a surprise...

Picture with Santa...
Standard fare for our annual traditions of Breakfast with Santa!

Our conscientious objector, who was "Shy of Santa Claus" :)

All in all, we had a fun "Breakfast with Santa" event at our school this year, with bean bag toss, coloring contest (fun!), and making REINDEER FOOD! (scooping oatmeal, sprinkles, glitter, etc into festive bags with a cute tag- the kids fall for this every year so. hard.). 

Added to that event was the Book Fair.... my favorite part of having kids in school. 
#notshythen #notshyatall
We have it every year on Christmas with Santa and it is so fun! :-)~

Feast Days~ St. Nick and St. Lucy

Can we say "Low-key" feast day celebrations using our Santa Plate?! Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas? More like.... HA HA HA. Recipe for mint chocolate sauce here

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Rice, refried beans + cheese, tortillas, grilled chicken, quesadillas, guacamole= feast! :)


I love this book... highly recommend it - it's like a huge Advent calendar with doors on each page, Which, open to tell the Christmas story.  We love Advent and we are advent-people, but we're are anticipating Christmas day and the 12 days of Christmas!  Bring on the cookies, Christmas music overload, merry and bright lights, and playing with our new toys. :)

I have loved getting my hygge on, getting cozy and snuggly warm by our Christmas tree. That is definitely *one* piece to the puzzle! Reading this lovely book as the kids nap/rest and I have loved it.  I'm hoping to sew a Christmas skirt before Christmas day is here. I love being Catholic. Why? There is absolutely no pressure to do any of this until the day comes. Bring on the merry!!!! 😅

We rotate out hot cocoa with green smoothies- my favorite is with spinach or kale! :0) Gotta love peppermint whipped cream season!

Our December looks more like many people's October. Oh well. ha.

Brrr...... :)

We have loved enjoying the decor around town... both in the art district, and here, at our local creperie!

We have gone for several hikes and walks to collect glittery greenery! We particularly love: cyprus, pine, rosemary, magnolia, and holly!  This is proving to be my most favorite tradition. I have loved passing this to my girls. They love going for nature walks to clip their wreath supplies from the bountiful supply in nature nearby!  I love how cozy it looks all around our house!  Hurray!

Kids' Activities
After many years of baking salt dough ornaments, we have finally gotten into air-dry clay, and I have to say, I'm enjoying it! I might even love it a little. I think it looks more classy than salt dough ornaments, and I would be lying if I said we didn't already have a few of those on our Christmas tree... :)

Need another as-we-wait idea for your kiddos? Pick some play-doh up at your nearest Tarjay and... (duh...!) bring on the festive!
Turns out we didn't really hang any of these on the tree, but they're still fun as an activity, and glitter + glue is the new cool thing, guys. :)  Actually, the reason the yellow play-doh looks brown isn't germs, my fellow germaphobes. That's cinnamon.

Random~ re-entering the workforce (not really, but sort-of)

Goodnews and goodness: I have become a seller at a locally owned CONSIGNMENT STORE. I feel like this has been coming for a while, and I am so glad and thankful to be working with some very professional ladies reselling kids' clothing here in town.  #loveandpeacecometoyou Hurray!

Music with the theme of "snow"

Thoughts on instagram:  does anyone else feel an encumbrance to be perfect? Particularly this time of year, in the already-but-not-yet that is the waiting and anticipating?  Let's learn to view our photos as "Where can I improve" rather than, "I have everything, I'm done, look at me shine!"  We all feel the pressure, the heavy crushing stress, to make sure we have everything, have everything looking perfecto before we take a pic. Hey, I'm here to say it's ok to be in process, it's ok to do a little... and then stop haha... that's what I love about Advent.   You can quote me on that. :)

This has been a really wonderful Advent. I love being able to share pictures of our life with you here.  Thank you for patronizing me our crazy traditions and antics, friends!  #nerdalert

<3 Tacy  ;)

P.S.  Kendra Tierney recently posted about a family who lost their home in the Montecito, CA area "Thomas Fire"  I attended Westmont College for 2 years, which is located in Montecito near Santa Barbara, CA (and transferred to Covenant College because of theological differences), but I can vouch that they are a praying people. Consider supporting all of those who have been affected by these fires. My heart goes out to them and hurts for them at this time. Here is a news story about Westmont being a hub for fighting this fire.



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