Friday, November 10, 2017

weekly minutiae vol34-- just checking in + stuff!

I'm joining up with 7 QT today "I can have one, since I quit"*  philosophy (from Cigarettes and Coffee) to share my weekly ramblings.  Nothing original here, just a report of recent thoughts and doings... reading, buying + what I'm prepping for!  Christmas/Advent prep is just a brainstorm away here in these parts. #pumpkinfog
I call this photo "I should be a retarded food blogger" (i know that word went out of style in the very early 90's)
because I burnt a chocolate cake, then set it on a hot stove and it exploded literally everywhere


I think, you guys, that I have finally learned (maybe mastered?) the art of reading several books at once.  Ever since I can remember, I have struggled with multi-tasking, reading included.  I'm not sure why, but the most I could handle was one book on my iPad and one hardback.  I have never been a bedside table reader. Usually, I was a "devour" type reader who would be All In a series or novel or even novella. Loved binge-reading The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agencry.  But you guys! I am finally reading three books-- parallel synchronization-- total right now and I'm really enjoying it. I've been pondering it, and I think the key is that they are all differently paced. One is slooooow but rich and good (Possession, recommended by Fountains of Carrots), one is quick, fast-paced and rather simple (Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg), and the other is dense and thoughtful and meaty, but not quite as slow-as-molasses as the first (Flight Behavior by Kingsolver).

I'm really happy I've made this discovery ... as I have always envied those who seem to have twenty books going at once (How *do* they do it?!)  #passthepizza


So this week. Ya'll, despite what you might think and despite my actions to the contrary (definition of hypocrisy? I think yes).... I have been saving money.  I am sticking to a budget and we are getting so much better at hardcore saving (Dave Ramsey, yada yada... cough cough... EMERGENCY FUND people!!!).

I am doing a cash-only policy. So when I saw this beauty at a consignment store marked way down from the original price, (owers were sooo good to it, too!) I checked and I didn't quite have enough cash to buy it.  I said a quick prayer, then searched my wallet for my VISA credit card and then remembered I gave it to Stephen over the weekend. I was upset but I put it on hold. Came back the next day, and tried to write a check, but learned they don't take checks!  So.... I called my Mom.  Aaaaaand, suffice it to say I basically asked her for an early Christmas present!  And yes- epic!- she agreed to buy it.

Isn't it lovely! Just perfect for our perfect baby. :) (ha ha) :0)


I don't get too much into Christmas prep (I don't start buying presents until December- seriously, ya'll) but this post and youtube video (short!) are really helpful.  @ >> Come Home For Comfort<< This is one blog/channel I have actually really been enjoying over the course of the past year. (really really!!!)  Whitney is thoughtful, very organized, and best of all extremely real and honest. refreshing totally so go check her out.

I call this photo "joyful hope"

I am excited about it.


Other than saving, I have been a little busy trying to take on a new challenge. New, for me.. which is to be a little more involved on instagram (grow a following, yada yada).

I participated in the #onedayhh hashtag yesterday and it was fun!



I'm just thinking about how grateful I am for irl community. It is so important to stay afloat in the midst of the muck and yuck and jealousy that is early motherhood (your thirties), and all that goes with that. To those of you bearing a particular burden or cross, know that others look at you and think "Perfect life"! We are so impressed by what you do. And you should *never, ever* sell yourself short or think you aren't capable of something. Harness that creativity baby baby and GO for it! Whatever "it" may be... an etsy shop, a book, a painting, a poem, whatever your "it" is.  Do it and don't let the world miss out on your genius!  In the mean time, stay connected where you are and don't forget the light you are to those who feel they may be missing out (on something).  I think the key is to slow yourself down and take care of that human being first (you you girl)... get therapy or irl community at the very least!

Have a good week ya'll!

*I gave up link-ups a while back :0)
Hi Kelly!

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