Thursday, November 30, 2017

monthly recap vol. 50~ November 2017 & my trip to Seattle

This was a great month.

I can honestly say I feel 100% invigorated after a lovely NOvember month and Thanksgiving spent in Seattle with my sister, her family, and her friends {friendsgiving there was everything I hoped for and more, as their house is gorgeous and their friends in that city are just the best}.

I read some good and great books this month. #libraryfinds Four in total, one still in progress.

If I'm honest, I hated Truly Madly Guilty  by Liane Moriarty. It is long, drawn out, and utterly boring.  Normally, I love this author. If you've only read What Alice Forgot and this one, I HIGHLY recommend reading Big Little Lies next. It is SO MUCH BETTER than many of her other/more recent books. I was fanatical about it when I finished it. Her ability to weave an intense plot together and come out utterly surprising comes to a pinnacle in this book.  I'm honestly surprised I stuck this one out to the end. :-0

Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg

This book is gripping, and it is about a serious medical situation (a coma-- not a spoiler) without hitting triggers and scaring the crap out of you.  Her writing is sensitive, and the tone is daring and bright.  I will definitely read more by this author!

Possession by Byatt

I'm still not done with this, but it is meaty, engaging prose. I'm enjoying it! :0)

The Last Thing He Wanted by Joan Didion

This book was all over the map and nothing like my favorite book by her The Year of Magical Thinking. The stuttering prose is hard to get into and it sucks you dry. I am just going to come out and say I do not recommend this book. I felt like I went into a coma reading it.

Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

I have so many strong feelings about this book. It is a novel about global warming and a somewhat or seemingly lost individual named Dellarobia who lives in small town, poor Southern USA.  She discovers monarch butterflies who have mistakenly migrated to her town for overwintering (staying the winter) and although I'm not sure if this premise is completely true, her philosophies are incredibly interesting (endangered species, carbon emission, etc).  Loved: Her ability to capture this economic bracket (and culture, definitely) with depth, sensitivity, and wit. Hated: her plot weaving, which reminded me of that old 90's cartoon Fern Gully. ("Don't cut down the trees!") It just stumbled and plodded along. Nothing was gripping enough to totally suck me in.  Even The Poisonwood Bible was more interesting, less boring than this book (and that book felt Looooong to me).

the maple syrup latte.... was yummy.

also read this ... on the plane to...

(yes! i actually went there.... :)

{photo by Ivey} :0)

Let's see... what did we do?

Coffee Shops Galore!

Bookstores/ KEXP (Bucket List= CHECK!)
They have a coffee shop, a stage with live music, and a CD/record store to peruse. fun!

Seattle Center (Fish Market and Pike Place Market)

We attended Church; together we went to Mass at St. Therese parish

Lots and lots of play time with my niece and nephew 😂

In Seattle, Little Free Libraries are shrink-wrapped haha :) #seattlestyle

What we didn't do:

 get a reservation at DELANCEY b/c it was already booked until the week after I left!!!! #singletear

renovate the inside and outside of our house... {and totally ruin it in the process } #what


With all of the heavy holiday food, I'm taking respite in green smoothies. I can make the Bolthouse Strawberry and Banana juice last all week by combining it with any of the following: bananas, juice, frozen mango, frozen berries, yogurt, or even a dash of milk, vanilla, or a little bit of ice etc.I just pour all in our vitamix and run Smoothie program. I love making it last all week for my kiddos. But my *favorite* addition is a cup of spinach. It is delicious!


Stranger Things

I absolutely loved- no, adored- binge-watching this with Stephen.  We laughed, we cringed, we screamed in terror, and we may have cried-- I'm not saying.  I loved having someone to put his arm around me during the watching of this show.  Someone's leg to squeeze-- required! :) #majorpropstohubby #babes


Yeah... nope. Stephen and I really didn't enter fandom really at all for this movie. I guess I'm glad I saw it so I could see *why* there was hype, (and the street child theme wuuuuuz much-appreciated) but it didn't ring true for me.

uno episode of The Walking Dead
it. was. disgusting!!!!
"so gross and so dumb!" - my friend Libba 


I'm so impressed by Adele's impeccable style
Very American, no?
And I'm obsessed with her office 😍😻

nada much this month.

listening- My Seattle playlist {inspired by KEXP best songs of all time}

~what's keeping me going~

-the Riverwalk in town.... I have found steps! I run from a tennis club to to the Bluff View art district, do the steps, go up and down 5 times (it's a long flight!) and turn around and run the half mile back to my car!  My legs feel like rubber at the end every single time.

-the beautiful fall leaves big and small, here and there, West coast, right coast

-The light... the best time to walk is in the afternoon, but right now I'm doing it in the morning some and skipping the steps.... I can do hills multiple times though! It is so pretty walking with the stroller -- before the trees are naked!

-the Happiness podcast with Gretchen Rubin is >>>> the only podcast to me right now that doesn't feel like a sermon or a commercial! So, major props to her!!!

-the refreshing experience of getting on a plane, traveling to the home of relatives, being received with hospitality and Christian/Christ-like love by my sister and her friends

It has been a good month! An absolutely wonderful month, friends. :)

Hi, Leigh!


Michele Morin said...

Wow, Tacy, you had one full November!
Such an interesting post!

Kendra @ said...

I Loved Truly Madly Guilty, but I think I'm in the minority. And What Alice Forgot is still my favorite from her. I'm afraid to watch the second season of Stranger Things! The first season was okay, but a bit too intense for me, and I hear that the second season is even darker. . . I'm intrigued, but not enough to commit!

Tacy said...

@michele--- thanks! :0)

@kendra--- oh my gosh... words do not express... it is soon good!

Emma Hughes said...

I'm a huge fan of Big Little Lies too (the book, definitely not the show though) and love Liane Moriarty so I could forgive her for the drawn out nature of Truly Madly Guilty... I haven't gotten around to Season 2 of Stranger Things yet but it is on my list for sure!

Leigh Kramer said...

I abandoned Truly Madly Guilty after a chapter. I was just not feeling it and I hadn't heard anyone say they liked it or it was worth pushing through. A total misstep compared to her other work! Glad you had a nice time in Seattle. What a bummer you couldn't make it to Delancey's! I guess you'll just have to go back.

Tacy said...

@Emma I agree about the show! You are a more patient reader than me I think. :-) :-0
Stranger Things really is sooooo good! ha.

@Leigh Thanks! God bless you!!!

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