Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How I DIY-ed My kids' 6 Halloween costumes

This year, I decided I wanted to DIY my kids' Halloween costumes. It was so much fun (if stressful) and they turned out great!  This process had 2 purposes-- both working for me! One, when you DIY you can really do the costume your kids are really itching to be. Second, it is much cheaper and easier on the budget not to buy brand new costumes for everyone. As you'll see I definitely could have kept the DIY costume tradition cheaper.... but it will work for now, and hopefully down the road, I'll learn the art of keeping traditions affordable.

Let's start with Madeleine and Annabel, my two youngest girls, because that's the easiest to explain.  Madeleine wanted to be Mal from Descendants with a fiery passion. I knew the decision was easy, but pulling off the look would be harder.  Mal wears a leather vest and jacket in many scenes of the movies.  I found some metallic-looking leggings, a purple belt, and black boots at Walmart.  When I was looking for a little owl/owlet costume for Annabel, I happened upon a 4 T butterfly costume that included the blue dress Madeleine ended up wearing. And of course, hair spray-painted (using special  wash-out spray we already had from Claire's). For Annabel's costume, I bought a black dress that fit her, and I used fabric paint to add a pretty butterfly to the front of her dress. She simple added black leggings, and the wings and headband that came with Madeleine's dress. Done! and Done. Simple!

Anders knew right off the bat that he wanted to be a big, green lizard. He loves finding lizards and bugs in our yard, so this was perfect for him!  I ended up buying a dinosaur costume from Walmart, who I soon beheaded, because Anders specifically said he didn't want to be (riding) a dinosaur.  At first, my Mom added some button eyes. Later we decided to get him a green shirt and simply safety pin the lizard belly to his shirt.  I made a green mask using green fabric, white felt, and a glue gun.  It tied in the back like a ninja mask. DONE! And he absolutely loved it! :)

Frances may have been the hardest costume to pull off. She explicitly requested Evee from Pokemon. This is a hard look-- it's sort of a cross between a deer and a fox!  I knew brown would be hard to find because it isn't one of the trendy colors right now. I found a gold and grey dress from Target, and I simply sewed a brown collar, tail, and ruffle to the dress using a size 2T deer costume that we found at Walmart.  This costume came with a deer headband, and we cut off the antlers and simply left the deer ears-- perfect! It was quite a bit of sewing to cross two store-bought items, but I call it re-purposing. (I had to completely cut apart the deer costume!) BUT--  to say Frances was pleased was an understatement!  She wore it around the house for 3 days straight playing Pokemon with her siblings! It was a huge hit! This was her favorite show to watch this past Summer, so she was all in!

Molly is last but definitely not least. I have to say I *enjoyed* the process of DIY for her costume the most! It was such a cute look to do Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson books/movies, and it was so much fun to make.  I bought the orange t-shirt and fabric paint from Hobby Lobby, (which is also where I found the materials to make Frances' tail).  We bought a horse stencil and letter stencils and pained the shirt ourselves, although it is available to purchase on Amazon. We did buy a dagger/Roman sword, and to complete the look she got black Chucks (she needed new shoes for school anyway!) and an owl necklace and simply wore it with jeans.  We actually already had the hat on hand, so didn't have to buy it! :-0 :)  I am so happy this worked out, because Molly is a huge, huge fan of these books and movies. Rick Riordan anything is right up her alley!

And Conrad was yoda!*

I hope this encourages you on your journey of DIY *and* repurposing! :)


Win, win, wine!


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