Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Advent Planning~ Why Celebrate and What's to Come

Have you bought your Advent candles yet? Soon it will be time to pull out our Advent wreath as we anticipate Christmas and remember the coming of Jesus in our hearts. I've long been an advocate of planning and observing Advent in our homes.  Like the analogy I offered last year, celebrating Christmas before the 12 days is like popping in some sugary bubblegum right before you brush your teeth, or eating a bunch of sticky candy right before you hop in the Dentist's chair.

Don't jump the gun, if you're tempted to say it is already Christmas on December 1st (or sooner!) It may be common or popular to decorate for (celebrate) Christmas early. Yet, but we cheapen the "joyful expectation" when we stuff ourselves full of shopping and sweets and cookies and Christmas carols this time of year.  There is a purpose for the expectation and the waiting!

This year for Advent, I'm taking that to heart, and I will be blogging less. In fact, going to only post twice during Advent.

Last year, I posted what was probably "my best" and most thorough Advent recap of all of our Christmas traditions and the things our family is dedicated to doing! Because I'm pretty sure I can't top that, I will just link to them here.

Christmas and Advent Books
Christmas and Advent Movies

Week One (Preparing Our Home)
Week Two (Family Traditions)
Week Three (Seasonal Celebrations)
Week Four (Christmas is Here-- includes Christmas carols)

Instead of trying to recreate that this year, I will post two Advent recaps (total) and stay more involved, over on instagram, to share seasonal traditions with my followers! :)

Expect more of the same around here-- celebrating the Church's feast days (St. Lucia, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St. Nicholas), Seasonal celebrations (School Christmas Program, Breakfast With Santa, Family Christmas card photos), and Family Traditions (Making Spice tea, Glitter playdoh for the holidays, Christmas tree, baking cookies!)

And of course, lighting the Advent wreath and observing the season with an Advent calendar!

All of that, plus a giveaway and also-- look for a post detailing how I shop, how to celebrate the `12 days, and then....  Epiphany!

Some posts I have found helpful around the internet in preparing your home/house/heart for Advent:

Planning For Advent and Christmas @ Catholic Icing

A Brunch For Our Lady of Guadalupe @ Shower of Roses

Brunch for the Feast of St. Nicholas @ Catholic Cuisine

How We Try to Celebrate Things In Their Proper Order Without Feeling Like Total Jerks @ Catholic All Year

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