Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Very Merry Advent {Shopping Guide}

So, wait?! I can't start celebrating Christmas right now? ....Well, I guess I'll twiddle my thumbs.

No! >>Don't Jump The Gun.<< Some people have all their bases covered, even an Advent playlist (!!!). But what if you're a newbie to the Advent game? It starts in two weeks!  What is needed?

In honor of the fact that I'm going out of town, today is a special post! Here are 20 things to kick off your Advent celebration and observation.  

and.... joke time.
Stephen: Why does Sufjan sound so sad when he says "Rejoice"?
Me: He's happy, but he's expectant.  #laughcry

1.  Silver Advent Wreath

Here is a pretty wreath that is simply that: it holds your candles.  I have searched every where for an Advent wreath like the one we have, but I actually found it at a Lutheran thrift store during our Annapolis days. It is wonderful for adding living greenery!

For so long, I celebrated using red candles, because that felt seasonally appropriate to me. I have finally- I'm proud to say- converted! *yay!* And I use the pink and purple candles, now.


These are pretty purple placemats to Advent-up your table during the season.

To be honest, I have never done Jesse Tree observaton. But I think this would be a good one to start with. It would be great for kiddos who want to be involved in the celebrating!

5. St. Nicholas movie (A Story of Joyful Giving)

This Veggie Tales classic is a must-see for our family during this time of year. Try a Chocolate Brunch on St. Nicholas Day. (This year-- It's December 6th-- coming soon!!!)

It is a tradition to place coins, candy canes, and maybe a little gift in some shoes for the Feast of St. Nicholas. Here's a good place to start.

7. Tomie dePaola Books

Joy to the World: Tomie's Christmas Stories is wonderful and I have already sung the praises of our family's favorite Christmas/Advent book author and illustrator in this post.

My Mom has a collection of these gorgeous dolls on her mantle.

These are adorable and little hands will want to grab them and interact with them.  Fun!

I have not bought these yet, but I simply adore the idea of this and I'm putting it on our wishlist.!

11. Chocolate Coins

Tuck these in some shoes on the morning of the Feast of St. Nicholas!

This version is quite expensive, but we have this on our shelf and we absolutely adore getting it down every year!

13. Jesse Tree books

This would certainly be helpful to add to your collection.

14. Books for The Legend of St. Nicholas and St. Lucia

Read them on the Feast Days and celebrete a special Brunch with your children.

15. Our Lady of Guadalupe

This book of feasts around the world looks like it would be helpful (although I cannot vouch for sure as we do not own it ourselves).

16. Playmobil Nativity Set with Manger

This sweet set would be the perfect playing pastime for kids celebrating the season in December.

17. Little People Nativity

18. Advent Tablecloth

19. Advent Door Wreath

20. Advent Garland

I hope that helps!  Now I'm just waiting for a Charlie Brown Advent movie to come out.  👅#justintimeforchristmas

God bless you!!! :0)

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Ashley Newell said...

What a great list! Perfect way to start a family tradition!