Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Candy Corn- themed fall art camp ~ 7 ideas!

Not sure if you remember, but if you've been reading my blog for any length of time at all, you know that I love to do art camp with my girls.  My oldest 3 girls Molly, Frances, and Madeleine especially love art projects. What better time than when the kids are home for Fall Break?

If you want to see our past art camp projects, you can see Easter art camp here and Fall art camp 2016 here.

snack time, inspired by this Monster Munch
having fun!! *

For this year, we used this candy corn template...
idea (1)

It looks best with a template.

idea (2)
Here are the candy corn people that we did. (pictured above!)

idea (3)
We also made a pumpkin banner (Frances and Madeleine) and a candy corn banner (Molly). 
Here is a cute banner tutorial.

Idea (4)
This was a big hit with my kids!
enter #allthepompoms

Print, Trace, Cut it out, and then Decorate!
paint, glue pens, 
(bits of paper and pom poms), and stickers!
Go crazy... I recommend glue pens! :-)~

idea (5)

I had the girls trace the candy corn template, then decorate the various candy corns using collage 

idea (6)

Jackolantern faces using these walmart stickers (similar)

idea (7)
An "I Love Fall" painting with a pumpkin for the "Fall" piece

idea (8)
Candy Corn footprints using paint!

orange and yellow glue pens at work!

finished project! fun and no need to decorate after all of that! :0)

This year, we decided to do it with a "Candy Corn" theme, because I wanted to keep it a theme we could follow through on with our snacks, without getting too fancy... because if you know me, then you know I like simple and nothing too expensive (ever!). ! :)  I tried doing all the fancy snacks for Easter art camp last time, but the sugar intake got out of control.

This time, I just made one big batch of "Monster Munch"-- popcorn, caramel corn, pretzels, graham crackers, and CANDY CORN!  :)  I replenished the supply a time or two, and every time we did crafts, I would pull out a big plastic bag of it and pour some into our "candy dish."

Honestly, it was delicious and the kids chowed down every time I brought it out. And it was super cheap. WIN!

enter #allthecorny!  /:D
Now you shall go forth and try your own #artcamp

*Q: Why are your kids wearing uniforms if they were on fall break? A) we finished (some of) the projects this week after fall break was over.  :)

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