Friday, September 22, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 31 ~ the varsity and finally chugging!

Do you ever feel like you just can't get momentum in life? It's like you're not really "chugging"  yet. You have the rails laid down, but life doesn't align with the rails- or the habits- that you have set in place.  I experienced that the first month of school this year.  It was so frustrating. I got sick, we lost backpacks, the kids wouldn't nap. But happily, I can now say that we've adjusted to the new routine/schedule of 4 kids in school, and I'm definitely tooting along now.  I think I'll stop forgetting to buy ziplock bags within the school year.  :)~ ha ha ha

I had a really fun weekend this past week. I met up with my friend Libba in Atlanta. We met at Starbucks, went to Winn Park for playing and talking/catching up, then had lunch at The Varsity - all with our littles in tow! It was so much fun and always good to catch up with a dear friend (and roommate in college!)  Perfect way to spend a Saturday. #love #friendship #nojudgmenthere #:)

We even got our kids milkshakes! On the ride home, I heard a tiny voice say, 'That's weally cold." I look back and Annabel was *covered* in chocolate milkshake! 😂

Adelaide and Annabel with their new friend at the playground! #sofriendly!
We even met another little girl whose name was Annabel, spelled the same way as our Annabel! Except her middle name was Marie, not Clare. (yes, I asked :) :)

Libba, you "winn"!!! :)
(this was the best pic I could find.... ):)

The rest of the week was very productive. I finally figured out the perfect way to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Only 2 shots of syrup instead of 3, low steam (less steam in the milk:0).  It is so delicious *this* way. The normal way is too sweet and foamy and it makes me gag.

^^hydrangeas... and everyone should read this book!^^

I'm so glad not to be sick anymore!!!  I've been reading more {and more!} this month and I've even done a little bit of painting with acrylic and watercolor.

Stephen and I have gotten sucked into yet another season of Portlandia.  I told him I think the humor is waning. Ever since about season 5, the tension between Fred and Carrie became unbearable. I'm not sure about their personal lives, so I cannot vouch that this is true. I think this season is showing their romantic tension even more. I have to finish season 7 before I can give you the full review, but my favorite skit and I think the peak of the show was the Flaming Lips concert episode.  It just got less funny the last 2 seasons! But I still think we love it.... b/c we laugh hysterically through every episode.

Speaking of laughing hysertically, we also discovered An Idiot Abroad, produced by Ricky Gervais, and it is very v. funny. Since we are both huge Ricky fans, this has been a load of fun, and I'm surprised we have just now gotten into it.  Ricky's humor infiltrates the show, and Karl is hysterical as the confused traveler, as well.

cuties :0)

I have to say that even with being stretched to my limits with busyness taking care of these kids, what really centers me more than exercise, good food, and friendship is my time at Mass every week. It is a time to get refreshed in motherhood, encouraged in my vocation, and inspired to live a life of faith. My walk with God is the biggest source of grace in my life. I derive energy from Communion (so much energy!!) every single week. I praise God for his provision and love and for the friendships I have made in our community at Church!

I would like to say we are traveling or doing something special for Fall Break, but I think we're just trying to focus on getting our renovations out of the way first, then we can think about travel again. This somewhat depresses me, but I'll just keep reading books and focusing on my routine and keeping the kids sane, well-fed, dressed appropriately, and finished with their homework. :) :)

cheers. :)~

Also does anyone know will Fall will start back up again in the South? We had two lovely weeks of Fallish weather and cool, rainy days, then it turned miserably hot... Stephen read me the weather and I almost cried. Since I've been pouring sweat, I started my cussing habit back up again. Must get to confession.
#wm #weeklyminutiae

{At least I go to mass every single Sunday now that I'm not prejdgers!!!} :-) :-0

will update photo soon, promise :)

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