Friday, September 15, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 30 ~ lots of rainy days!

This week's post will be short. I am sick with a cold, but I did want to do a quick check-in.

Ok, we didn't get hit by Irma the way nearby Atl. area and much of Georgia/S. Georgia. But! We did have a lot of rainy days. So in that vein, I bring you....

Your "Mama's Rainy Day Arsenal" for SAHM's:

tea parties
raspberry tea! with sugar! :)
lay out a quilt with toys/books
nursery rhymes
bath time for kids  + book for Mama

Anders wearing the green shirt....

Conrad, wearing the same shirt Anders wore 4 years ago!

Anders in 3 month outfit, same size as Conrad :)

Conrad wearing a Skuid shirt (Daddy's work) #completelyadored

Me and my brother, Eric. 
He showed up at our house for dinner earlier this week, because he and his family evacuated Miami on account of Hurricane Irma!

This is the book I'm reading right now, as the rain drenches the windows and falls in sheets. 
 Helpful hint for parents and travelers: put your baby in the bath and read a good book! :)
What happens when a Nigerian-  born, NYC raised, Duke Divinity female student decides to leave behind her Catholic faith?
Find out this and more, in this challenging, somewhat rambling book!

And on a sidenote, this is the real conversation I had with my librarian this week:
-Can I check out these books?
-Actually, there is a balance of $43 on your card
-Oh, is it the Ninjago book?
-No, it looks like Bathtime With Ariel and We Are the Power Rangers
-me: {slinks away in mortified shame}
I'll check them out next time I'm here... {runs away as fast as possible-- afap}

This is what happens when it's rainy four-five days in a row! Lots of playing inside and emptying toy bins all over the floor! #keepitreal 
Yes, that *is* an air filter/noisemaker that got pushed over on its side by one of many toddlers-in-residence.

Look who took up habitation in Conrad's bassinet after said baby outgrew it?!

Have a great weekend! :)

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