Friday, September 8, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 29~ cooler weather, a birthday, and bugs

Well, the weather is finally getting cooler here in the South. I have been trying to get a good shot of Conrad at this phase. He is honestly our chubbiest baby that we have ever had! He is so sweet and adorable; there are no words for how happy-go-lucky his personality is so far. Sure, he has high-maintenance moments, but I guarantee his personality will be cheerful from here on out! (You really can identify a personality even at 3.5 months- trust me!) He is smiley, laugh-y, and funny!

Stephen has been my rock during the upheaval of transition to 6 kiddos. Usually the exhaustion of a new baby doesn't hit until around 4 months, for me. The other day I said to him, "If it seems insane {right around dinner time}, we are *raising six kids.* That's a lot of people."
He is patient, steady, and of a very even disposition - always the logical to my cray-to-the-max. :) I love Stephen; I am so glad I married him. Daily I thank God for giving me an amazing best friend.

Passion flower, which turns out, after an instagram friend pointed out to me, is actually a weed.

We went for a nature hike over labor day weekend, and we spotted so many beautiful wildflowers and other interesting growing things in nature.  I ended up going on three (!) walks the Saturday before labor day.  I took Molly for a walk, then I went out exploring for flowers and butterflies, and finally I took Annabel on a short walk to get her to fall asleep!
My parents have this resource at their River house (house on the TN river).
We have become nature freaks this Summer. Stephen bought like 10 of these Audubon field guides- we have insects, stars, birds, mammals, reptiles,  annnnd the list goes on. We spent a LOT of time in our backyard this Summer. More on that in a second.

I can't do a recap of our week without mentioning that this sweet cutie turned 2! 
She is such a gift.
Words do not express how sensitive and sweet she is.
She calls Frances Wis-a-wis because she can't yet say her f's.
She speaks in complete sentences, despite some mispronounced words.

We splurged on a cake from Rembrandt's coffee shop and cafe, but after one taste, I knew it was absolutely worth it. We haven't eaten out (on a date) in over a year, so buying a spendy cake that tasted DE-licious seemed justified in my mind.

huge grasshopper

We deemed this Summer 17 as "The Summer of Bugs," as Anders has developed a full-on obsession with finding bugs. He knows right where to find slugs, caterpillars, and ants... he loves the occasional roly-poly, as well as ladybugs. We consider a lizard or a large bug the jackpot!

a cicada exoskeleton found by yours truly :);)

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