Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Two { More } Sanity-Saving Experiments

I was amazed at how well my "experiment" for cleaning my house went this Fall.  I do a lot of spot cleaning (fridge, floors, etc) but doing a complete overhaul in the period of one month was an inspiring project for me! It was great and I learned so much! In fact, I am so amazed at the power of a little bit of consistency, that I can't wait to apply it to other areas of homemaking, to see if I can get the same results.

You see, I have always thought that variety is the spice of life. But I think consistency is the backbone of life. Consistency is the strength of life.

I need consistency in all areas... definitely homemaking habits... but also especially with my shopping habits. Lately, I have shopped around for good deals, and I visited a large and wide variety of stores to get all of my errands done. I shopped at Whole Foods, Aldi, Food City (kind of like a Kroger), Target, and various shops near the Mall! I have noticed that not only does this variety sap me of energy, it gives me serious decision fatigue as well.

So for the next three months, I am going to do these two, simple things.

1) Shop at Walmart and Publix only

I have a set day of the week for doing my shopping. Mondays I go get staples, as well as stuff for the house/office for the week. Tuesdays I get the remaining groceries we need for good, yummy dinners. I will go to Walmart every Monday, and Publix every Tuesday for the rest of the year. I will also swear off doing any online shopping or impulse buys!

2) Use the library for books for the rest of the year

I have had a bad habit of buying too many books brand new from Amazon. I have made a resolution not to buy *any* new books for the rest of the year. No Kindle, no ordering off Amazon, no used or local bookstores. I'm also going to get all of our holiday books for the kids at the library this year. I'm going library all the way, and I plan to do this in order to save money, primarily!

Here's what my week-to-week will look like!

Monday- Walmart
Tuesday- Publix/ Storytime/ deep/heavy Cleaning
Wednesday- Miscellaneous outings/ Downtown Coffeeshop/ Kids' play area
Thursday- the Dollar Store
Friday- the Library/ purge clutter :)~

I have also hired outside housekeeping help. She will mop and do dishes and laundry (every other Monday at the moment), and I'm planning to change sheets and vacuum every Tuesday.

I am so excited to see how these two simple changes toward the direction of simplicity and consistency will change my life-- my budget, my shopping habits, and my grocery bill/meals every week! Yay!

What do you do to save your sanity when it comes to the finer points of homemaking and life?


Anonymous said...

I like your schedule, Tacy, and have enjoyed your previous posts without commenting. Sorry about that. Sometimes I can get in a weird mood. You have inspired me, though, and I think about you and your brood whenever I feel bogged down with just my two. I've hit a real rut in regards to homemaking. Two things that have been helping, though, is ClickList for King Soopers(Kroger), and trying to clean a little bit each day. It has been so hard with the cleaning and having my 2 year old around. After a really stressful Saturday of shopping for groceries (even with ClickList, I still go to Target), meals, mopping the floors, I decided I needed to change that, too. So on Saturdays we will have a supper from the crockpot and there will be no cleaning other than dishes and routine tidying.

Thanks for being a bright spot, Tacy, and for sharing what works for you.


Tacy said...

That's right, Jenny!

One day at a time!!!