Wednesday, September 20, 2017

House Cleaning Recap 2017 + an important PSA

It has now been one month exactly since I posted about getting my house in shape for the Fall weather approaching! I would love to say that my house is always pristine and Pinterest-worthy/Pinterest perfect, but with six kids underfoot, we have some heavily trafficked areas and nothing is that easy!

If you missed the original post, I announced that I would spend one month deep cleaning my entire house and purging all of the stuff cluttering our life, by donating to either Goodwill or Salvation Army! (no yard sales or craigslist for me... just not my style but if it's yours, great! Mainly just #stressful...!:)  I think one month is a perfect interval for this type of project!

Thoughts and takeaways from my month of cleaning house...

It has, indeed, been crazy.... but I did get a few takeaways from the experience! ::

thoughts.... :)

Week ONE

- if you find cat throw up outside your kids' room on kitchen-cleaning day, calmly ignore it until you have cleaned and washed your fridge and emptied and decluttered/cleaned 7/12 kitchen cabinets. You can wipe it up when you're done.

- You can work slowly, incrementally on the kids' closets and the great heap of accumulated toys (I don't even know where half of this stuff comes from! Randomly found an easter basket under Madeleine's bed... empty, but why??!) If it's hard to catch a moment to work, stop. Drink water. Evaluate (Maybe search for a few ideas on organization while you nurse the baby down and get a show on for the littles)

- You will notice that daily tasks get easier when you eat the frog-- be it cleaning out the fridge
{gross }, cleaning all the closets, or cleaning the bathrooms {double gross!}

- We have three bathrooms in our house. Stephen was UBER-pleased that I very deeply cleaned all three bathrooms over the course of three days that first week.  What a relief, and it brought joy to all in my home!

Week TWO

- You will happily ignore the last six or seven cabinets in your kitchen to do the easy stuff (wipe down counters, sweep up under the table, change a lightbulb or seven, vacuum the crackers for the 17th time this week) :)

- In general when tackling a specific project, do the hardest thing first-- for example clean out the fridge, THEN worry about the bazillions of cabinets in your kitchen

- The easiest way to tackle the hardest jobs really is to take everything out. It totally works!!!! Yes, I did eventually (eventually) clean out all of the kitchen cabinets....... this project took longer than I thought it would, needless to say. :0(

-Wrapped up week two with a run to Salvation Army to donate a BUNCH of dishes and unused kitchen appliances. Hurray!


- I have a girls' night, so I have to go through all of our office supplies... this in turn motivates me to clean out our art cabinet which I wasn't planning on doing till the final week!

-Moving upstairs, I decided almost exactly halfway through this experiment to do the "Official Capsule Wardrobe" which is exactly 33 pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes left in your closet.  I got rid of two bags of stuff-- shoes, outdated clothes, and some maternity pieces that I never wear any more!

^^ Best Decision Ever ^^  #nocontest  because this results in a complete closet make-over! :) :D

-Go up into the attic for a "Prep Moment" and feel utterly defeated by the clutter, mess, and complete chaos

-Feel super discouraged :(  :(  :(  After three weeks of pushing, the catalyst originally inciting me to work is draining.


-When you hit a wall, in which you think there is no return, and you will never, ever have the motivation to clean. ever. again.  invite people over to your house for dinner. I usually keep up on chores, but doing an overhaul of the downstairs isn't usually on my agenda.

-We invited people over on a Saturday night, and not only did I clean, declutter, and vacuum the entire downstairs in a few hours, I went upstairs and changed all the sheets on the beds, cleaned out the linen closet, and cleared off all of the upstairs desks (the closets are another story; they are already accumulated dirt even though I started the month off cleaning them!!! )

- Last but not least, I finally take on the chore that I've been dreading: the freezer!  Yes, I took everything out. I was shocked at how easy it was to clean, even though it had been over 6 months since I had done it! I threw out a few things, wiped it down completely, then came back later to deal with the tupperware containers that needed to be washed. A little work goes a long way toward accomplishing your goals! #juststart

Magazines give us the illusion that you either have a tidy living space, or a messy one. The truth is, a clean home always takes a lot of work, and *no one* is born clean. We can all learn to tidy everyday and deep clean by good habits. But sometimes a kick in the pants is what's needed! After one month focusing on tasks I added to my weekly chores and deep cleaning, I can honestly say I will happily try this project again someday soon.

I learned so much, and I'm so thankful for our surroundings once again. Taking a little time to give the whole place some serious TLC made me more appreciative of all the gifts God has given us and the blessings (sometimes in disguise!) of STUFF.

by the by.... my publix service announcement if you missed it, my post for Dappled Things ~ Wuthering Heights and the Eventual Doom of Ignorance went out this past Sunday.

God bless YOU and be with you. :)


Amanda Patten said...

Makes me feel good just reading this... I love decluttering and organizing!

Tacy said...

Thanks for the comment, Amanda!!!

I know! When it's done... it's bliss!

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