Saturday, August 26, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 28~ a solar eclipse & 99.4% darkness

Moon Pie shop was selling eclipse glasses, so of course... :0)

Despite having to get some unwanted dental work done {for me, not my kiddos}, this has been a good week. #novicaineismynemesis #dontpanic #staycalmandgetworkdone

It started off with a bang, because Stephen finally did something he has been wanting to do for a while. He took it into his own hands to get this project done-- a new grilling patio! woo hoo! #epic!

I think it looks amazing! He did such a great job!

I think you could also say this week started off with a bang, because we had an almost total solar eclipse here in TN.  We are in the 99.4% coverage area, so around 2pm on Monday, the sun was eclipsed by the moon from our viewing!

All of the kids had solar eclipse glasses! Stephen took a pit stop at the Moon Pie shop, then had to drive to Rossville to get enough glasses for all the big kids.  Annabel slept through it. But what an amazing experience.... I can't explain looking at the sun in a whole new way, but let me put it this way: it does something crazy to your brain! :0)

99.4% darkness  :0)  #weirdlight  #nofilter
We made sure the kids only glanced up at it a handful of times during the whole process of the eclipse. I heard about a girl who stared and her glasses melted to her face? what. (??)

I took this picture at the height of the eclipse.  It wasn't actually total darkness, but then again, we didn't have totality here, so I'm not sure how it would have looked otherwise. Maybe my friends who saw a total eclipse can fill me in! For us, the shadows went wonky, the crickets starting chirping, and the birds were singing in a weird way and flitting around worriedly.  It just sorta looked like twilight to me. :) I couldn't believe how skinny all of our shadows looked on the ground! :)
My mind was blown.

{funky light}

Molly: Some people believe that there was a solar eclipse when Jesus died, because the whole world turned dark. Darkness covered the whole earth!
Stephen: That's possible, but it overrides the fact that it was a miracle, right?! The darkness happened because God wanted it to and willed it to be so.

#suchaninterestingconversation #suchanimportantconversation

Like I said, I didn't expect the solar eclipse to be such an amazing and humbling experience, but I suppose nature is here to humble us, don't you think? We are spinning in space. (Makes me think of that oldie "Do you realize" by The Flaming Lips!) God's works are displayed in the heavens; they declare his glory! Incredible to think of the millions who all shared something special on TV together that day. haha :)

Otherwise, we have had an uneventful week. haha. #nevercalmwithbabies #squishy
We love our walks! :)

Did anyone catch Bonnie Tyler's performance of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on youtube? You can watch all of her interviews, and various perspectives of her performance.... just search Bonnie Tyler eclipse 2017 or click here.  My favorite interview was with CNN, ("Bonnie, you have given us more than we could have *ever* hoped for.")  I was cracking up!

I have been listening to some really good music this week; it's a good way to distract the baby in between eating and sleeping and swinging! The kid loves him some good music:)  If you haven't, you need to check out the following KEXP concerts on youtube:
Iron and Wine @ South by Southwest
David Bazan in studio in Seattle
The Lumineers singing Hey, Ho

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