Friday, August 18, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 27 ~ a baby kitty

This week we found a stray cat.  I was out for my evening walk, when I ran into this adorable kitten who looked *just* like our cat, Yo-Yo, except with brown paws instead of white. I told Stephen she looked like a dirty Yo-Yo.... :)  I took a picture of her so that I could show the kids the amazing resemblance!

The next night, I was out for a walk again, and this time she came up to me and was being so sweet. She let me pet her. She seemed hungry, so I decided to try walking her back to our house. She complied. She was so sweet; she put her paw on my chest as we walked back home- about 1 1/2 blocks.

We became a temporary pet shelter/foster home for this sweet kitty from Saturday until Monday night.  Ironically enough, the Pet Shelter we visit doesn't open until Tuesdays, and our little kitty who we named Chloe (after my childhood cat), had disappeared overnight Monday!

The kids have really enjoyed taking this kitty into their care. They have fed her, loved her, petted, her, given her towels to sleep on and even some of their most beloved stuffed animals to be her friends! We gave her so much water.  I complained to Stephen that if we took her to a shelter, she would be couped up in a cage, and perhaps the home they find for her wouldn't be as nice as ours'! Maybe we could teach her Ballet?

He kept insisting: "No more pets!!" To which I think is wise, but we were all trying not to fall in love with her!

Wednesday rolled around, and still no kitty. I had a dentist appointment, so I was otherwise engaged and the kids had a babysitter. Thursday we slowly drove around the neighborhood to make sure she wasn't lurking where she had been when I found her on my walk.

Perhaps she went home to her owners. I don't know why she seemed homeless and hungry, though!  I hope she didn't go back to a bad or unhappy situation!!!!! We think she may have even been pregnant. :-)

Poor baby.

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