Friday, August 11, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 26~ school starting!

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Fourth Grade :-0

Well, it finally happened. School started.  I remember this time last year, I was so nervous for Madeleine as she started Pre-K. This year, I wasn't nervous at all sending Anders to Pre-K. I think he is so ready, and he will adjust really well. His personality is such that I think he will adapt to the routine smoothly and without nerves. I'm so happy for him! He is going to learn so much! We are already talking about shapes, sight words, and what to eat for lunch in the cafeteria! :0)

It was a very good Summer. The kids participated in two VBS programs, they attended camp in Nashville, we went to the beach, we did a bunch of reading, we played in the splash pads, and we drank a lot of coffee. But not too much. #tallplease

As for Molly's Summer reading.  Stephen bought the Kindle for Molly in June (as I mentioned in this post here) and helped her to load the games and books she was interested in reading.  I have to admit,  a lot of the things she picked fell into the "entertainment" category.  She was reading, which is good, but a lot of the books were entertaining more than educational! :)

When we finally got down to brass tacks and made sure she was doing her Summer reading, she read two books -- Ramona Quimby (this one) and Percy Jackson- The Lightning Thief (from the list)-- and planned to read the Poppy series by Avi to round out her five books.  Then we found out (by finally actually printing off the list for her to fill in) that she had to read three fiction books and two nonfiction books.  She read Geronimo Stilton as her final fiction book, and then read two of the "Who Was.." series of books to fulfill her nonfiction requirement.  I have to say, I think these books are commendable. We picked them from her School Summer reading list, of course, and I couldn't be happier with their content. I had sort of written these books off as too simple for Molly, but it turns out they were just great.

All in all, her Summer Reading couldn't have gone better. Of course I could fall into the comparison trap and wonder why she wasn't glowing with joy to read long, educational books all Summer long, but let's be honest. I rotate between entertaining reads and educational books myself! I honestly think that's ok. I try my hardest not to read crap* ... but I honestly, I think some easy reads can improve reading speed, and perhaps almost as importantly, it can do wonders for confidence.  A lot of what I read has to do with keeping up with pop culture. While that shouldn't be our primary source of nourishment, there is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what's going on in the world and in our country.  That is not limited to politics only- it also applies to culture!!**

I'm not going to lie or pretend and say this Summer was without trials and struggles.  Why would I do that?  But consider: I had a brand new baby (just in May...), I have six kids nine and under (5 of them 6 and under!!!), and I am JUST ONE PERSON.  The pressure we put on ourselves, people!

I'm excited (truly) about having Annabel and Conrad at home and focusing on them for a while. I love the 2's and the 6 month ages so much. Fun to hold a little baby, and fun to have one you can talk to.  And I love play-doh!  Bring it on!
"what grade are you in this year?"
"say, monkey lunchbox!"

Funny Things They Say:

conversation at dinner that night:
Madeleine: I didn't like Kindergarten, I loved Kindergarten!
Frances: I didn't like First Grade, I loved First Grade!
Molly: I didn't like Fourth Grade, I loved Fourth Grade!

Anders: I think I left my nap buddy at school, but I will *not* cry.   #lol

Annabel: With a ba-ba here and a ba-ba there....

My number one goal for this year is to just enjoy it.  Some days I'm so focused on the roadblocks in my life, that I'm a slave to my bad attitude. Instead I'll take them in stride and enjoy the days and myself in the midst of the struggles. I know I can do better. I think being organized has a lot to do with it. My theme verse for the fall has to do with not worrying, and trusting in God to take care of me, my needs, our needs. God's hand, and protection.  Chip Gaines has said that he likes to treat everyday like it's Saturday. I am going to live everyday like I'm on vacation. Relaxed, no worries. Be happy.... :) :D

So... anyway.. We did it. We bought the shoes. We did the doctor visits. We got the school supplies. We got our hair did.

Time to learn!

*or sh**

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