Friday, August 4, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 25~ getting ready for school!

So, I have been walking almost every night for the past year, minus the couple of weeks after Conrad's birth. It has been so nice to get back into that routine! This week, I saw a rabbit, a beautiful sunset, and green peppers growing in our neighborhood community garden.
two months old! :)

This is our last full week of Summer, since school starts for four out of six of our kids next Wednesday.  I'm excited about the upcoming days; the weather getting cooler, having just Annabel and Conrad at home most of the time, and seeing my children flourish in their school. I'm actually behind where I was at this time last year for getting the kids ready.  Last year I had their school supplies, shoes, and backpacks all ready to go, but I have been overwhelmed by birthdays, travel catch-up, and Conrad just in general!

Molly has been working hard to finish her Summer Reading list. We checked out a bunch of picture books from the lists to get Frances and Madeleine back in the game for starting First Grade and Kindergarten, respectively.  I seriously cannot believe that Anders will be in Pre-K this year.

I made this gift basket and shared it on instagram as a gift idea for a new Mama. It is actually for a friend of mine who just had her eighth (!!!) baby, a little boy!

Anders turned 4 this week, so we celebrated with friends and family by the pool and at Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm so glad it's Friday and the weekend, ya'll.

I'm still reflecting happily on our trip to the beach last week.  It took me about 3-4 days to catch up on laundry and house chores, but the pay-off of a relaxing trip like that will be radiating in me for a long while, I'm sure. The memories can't be priced.
car wash, vacuum out car, errands, tired baby!

Now, to crunch-time: chores, errands, doctor's appointments, buying shoes, etc!  I will breathe a huge sigh of relief come next Wednesday. To all of the teachers out there: We all owe you big-time, and you definitely deserve all of the credit, honor, kudos and more!! :)

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