Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Taking charge: one month to a cleaner home, with a playlist!

Do y'all remember when Barbies and American Girls were the only toys? I guess they dominated my childhood, so maybe I just assumed that?  I try not  to clean bathrooms everyday; some days I'm happy to add mopping to my daily routine of shining the sink and doing laundry before 9am. Bake a loaf of bread and call me Martha D. Stewart. However, if I have to add clutter to my daily routine, you can count on it: I'm running out in circles like a headless chicken once again. My girls may as well be Addy for the way they imitate my ways.  #barbies #americangirls #minifashionistas

Anyhoo.... I'm currently reading Loving My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall*, and in it, she takes on one experiment per week, in order to live her own life to the fullest (all while trying to stay off Facebook. lol:).  One week she focuses on exercise, one week she focuses on home, one week meals, one week she identifies her passions, so that she can stay true to the way God created her in the way she uses her time.

This concept inspired me.  Lately, it seems that toys and especially unwanted ones have been recently taking over my house. Six kids with birthdays and Christmas every year is starting to (majorly) add up to clutter...**

I found this post on Passion for Savings about taking charge of home organization over a period of 8 weeks.  Because that would take until mid-October (uhhh, no... ;), I decided to up my game, thus improving our living space in less time and with less headache.  We have a few home projects on our agenda for this Fall, so I need to get things organized a bit sooner than that. Thus, my interval required is one month. One month of intensity, rather than procrastination. One month to home organization will look like this! :)

-Week One: Closets and Bathrooms (eat that frog! #bathrooms)

-Week Two: Bedrooms and Play Areas

-Week Three: Kitchen and Office

-Week Four: Laundry Room and Shed

Before we start, we are taking a trip to the dump this weekend to get rid of any unwanted clutter right off the bat. We already had this planned, but it just makes sense to start with a clean, uncluttered state. I'm going to try to do the bulk of the work after the kids go to bed, so that I'm not trying to reach perfection. However, the fact that they will be in school over the course of the next month will improve my mood and and my efficiency tremendously, I'm sure.

I'll make a list to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. I'll do the cleaning required. :) Then, at the end of the two months, I'm sure we'll have to take another trip to the dump as well as a trip to Goodwill or Salvation Army to donate unused items!!!

1. C/B (refer above)
Take everything out.
I'll start with closets and bathrooms by taking everything out, making sure our closets are completely cleared out then put back together in order. I will scrub down our bathrooms, toilets, showers, sinks, and bathtubs. I'll give these things a deep clean and a fresh slate.

2. B/A
Take everything out.
Then, I'll tackle all of the areas where kids play and we have heavy Kid-Traffic.  We'll take a trip to the dollar tres every Friday to get any needed organization bins or other supplies.

3. K/O
Take everything out.
Third, I'll clean out the spaces where we keep school supplies, as well as office items. I will completely clear out the storage areas and the kitchen and put back only the things we have used in the last year. Everything else will be put in the donate pile and I'll take to Goodwill.

4. LR/S
Take everything out.
Finally, I'll deal with our storage areas: namely, laundry room and the garden shed (as we don't have a garage).  Again, I'll clear out anything that we don't use.  I'll take it all out, get the needed supplies or shelving for organization, clean it, and put it back in neatly.

I have an awesome Spotify playlist to accompany me on this journey. 'Songs That Are Slow.' Want to see it?

I'll come back in exactly one month (in September!) to tell you guys/ya'll how it went!
*MOPS director in Colorado
**Insert never enter Dollar General again

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