Thursday, August 31, 2017

monthly recap vol. 47~ August 2017

The month of August was mostly a whirlwind. Our kids started school, so we've been busy, and Summer's def. over. :(  #mixedfeelings #mostlyrelief

We decided after a lot of looking and a lot of talking to realtors that we would rather renovate than move.  I have so many house projects on my docket, but the first one is finishing our attic. We plan to put a bunch of work into it, so that we will have three stories. We'll use the finished attic for bedrooms and use the current bedrooms (3) for playroom and nursery.  There just is nowhere to store the *stuff* of six kids right now. But six kids it is. :0) We had the contractor come out to measure so now we wait!

Amidst all of this crazy, we also found a kitten and tried to take her into our care.  #adorbs #thecrazyneverends #longstory
always one for communication :)

The news about Charlottesville entered my consciousness in a very deep way. I'm trying to find the words and the prayers for that situation.  Also, #hurricaneharvey hit me pretty heavily.  Praying for everyone without a home or just living day to day.

And finally, we experienced a beautiful solar eclipse! Now *that* was delightful! I loved experiencing that at home with my family. God's creation takes my breath away, but this experience was a world apart! Seriously. What. (!!!)


My reading has slowed waaaaay down since having a baby in May and getting the kids on a new routine for the school year.  I have tried to read in little snatches, (my evening routine still includes walking, reading, showering, and playing solitaire/dots on my iphone) but honestly, this is what's on my list/bedside; it's not exactly what I have finished. Just being honest.

Loving My Actual Life by Alex Kuykendall

I did finish this book! It was good. Alex takes a different project to focus on each week in attempt to savor her real life, all while spending less time online and especially staying off of FB. She is involved with MOPS in Colorado and she has 4 little girls.  I found this book inspiring but I wouldn't say it was spectacular.  If you need a nudge toward productivity and a humble, faith-filled perspective, I would definitely still recommend this book. I wrote a more thorough "review/reflection" of it in this blog post.

They Say We Are Infidels by Mindy Belz

Mindy Belz, editor of World Magazine (reformed news source for world events and pop culture), wrote this book after following the persecuted Christians in the Middle East for many years in her columns.  I think what stood out to me was her strong faith, attention to detail, and her friendship with Insaf (a former Catholic woman who returned to Iraq after fleeing to Canada during the persecution). You know how sometimes you think, "Well, I only read 40 pages, but it was a *good* 40 pages!" That's what this book was like. I'm about halfway finished at this point. She has a sense of gravitas rarely seen in news columns/foreign affairs these days. Anyhow, it is well-written and worth checking out!

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

I haven't finished this yet, but it is good so far!  I wouldn't say great, but Jeffrey Eugenides liked it so that's something! (someone)

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

After a beat, I fiddled with my hat, then decided this book wasn't for me. Again, I haven't finished this one yet. I'm waiting until that magical time bomb goes off and I have 4 extra hours in my day! It is 471 pages! #tired #sleepdeprived #noendinsight #maybearoutineinsight  The Chattanooga Times (Free Press) wrote of Sparks' book The Lucky One,  "A tale of redemption... holds readers in suspense until the final chapter... it will test the readers' beliefs in the power of destiny and fate, and how they relate to choices one makes in life."

I did really enjoy the movie, The Notebook, though!   :-)

~Reading with the Kiddos~

We have been reading the Poppy books aloud.  I was very frustrated, however, that I couldn't buy them in order.  I found Poppy's Return at our used bookstore, so I looked up the books online. Having heard much about this "Poppy series" and how good it is, I ordered Poppy, <--super confusing) assuming that was book one and Poppy's Return was book 2. Well, thanks to Dimwood Forest I had to go back and buy Ragweed, which apparently is actually book 1 I had to search and search on amazon to figure out the correct order.

#{search, search, search}
I've been an Avi fan for a while because I read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle as a child, and I fell in love with that book. I like the writing style; I know he's amazing! I believe Amazon could market them better without the publisher and Amazon and the author conspiring together to make the titles confusing. It should say (Book 1) in the title, rather than (Tales from Dimwood Forest).

Why would anyone *want* to read them out of order, Avi?
#thankyouverymuch #sorrynotsorry


I won't link to everything I wrote this month, but you might want to check out...

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This newish song from Iron & Wine is a game-changer! Check out these lyrics! #swoon


Mr. Bean

Stephen enjoyed watching Mr. Bean growing up, so we have watched some of his old movies and we tried out his spoof of Oceans 11/ 007.  I guess his humor resonates with a certain type. I'm not sure his humor is 100% my style, but a few of his gags are hysterical.

Zach King (youtube)

Molly has become fascinated with the youtube sensation, Zach King.  He is a {I'm pretty sure all the way clean!} magician who has figured out a way to edit short videos to create a "magical" effect. It is basically special effects for youtube, but I have to say, his work is really impressive! We had to put him on the big screen. :)


Eradicating People, Not Disease @ Catholic New Agency

My Stitch Fix Keeps @ Wife Mommy Me (aka the great Stephanie!)

Melania Wore Stilettos to Texas and People Lost Their Minds @ Buzzfeed


lol... hoo to the ray
does anyone want to be my personal cartoonist? I like Dilbert, and the type of you-mer you see here....

happy september all!



Kendra @ said...

I felt the same about Loving My Actual Life: good but not spectacular. Good luck with the renovation, and Kudos to you for doing it with six kids underfoot!

Tacy said...

Thanks! My kids are helpful, so I'm not worried. :0)

Leigh Kramer said...

Hope your renovations go well! I loved The Interestings so I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Emma Hughes said...

Love the eclipse photo- classic! Impressed by your efforts of renovating, that sounds full on, but I'm sure you have it under control :)