Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Changing Goals: New {School} Year's Resolutions

Changing Goals

Almost every year, I like to write a post chronicling my new (school) year resolutions. Although I haven't started shopping for Fall clothes, I have started mentally preparing myself for the upcoming year.

I know now that my goals have changed since Molly was a little girl.  At that time, I was attempting to homeschool her (for her Pre-K 3 & 4 years), and I had a notebook keeping track of our goals and progress.

When I Was a Homeschooling Mom...

I just found my notebook from when I was homeschooling her.  Here were some of my entries:

-My homeschool planner

As you can see, I got this free homeschool planner print-out (worksheet) from the Life Your Way collection of homeschooling printables ~ recommended! ;)

-My mission and goals

a little cheesy, slightly embarrassing, and very idealistic!

-My Weekly Cleaning checklist

never bored, I tell you!!! :)

-the I'm Bored antidote list

livin' la vida crazier than thou ;)

-Theme verses for the Fall

Perfect for rainy days and copywork!:)

-morals a la Charlotte Mason

I love this list! :0)

This notebook also included...
-Scripture memory work/verses
-lesson plans with counting (math) and reading (spelling)
-DIY ideas
-places to go- landmarks, historical sites, religious sites, etc.


Now when I look back at my notebooks, I see two things. I see idealism, and I see ignorance.  Why?  I see idealism because it surely made God laugh back then when I was trying so hard to be a perfect Mom to just Molly.  My list of personal improvement was a mile long. My desire for her as a baby was a mile long. HA! "Just wait.." I can hear God saying. "Wait until you have 6 kids."

And I see ignorance because ... well, there is no such thing as the perfect Mom.  My goals have changed so significantly, that, I guarantee it is because I have more knowledge and understanding now. I kept adding more burdens to my ever-growing list of "accomplishments" in the flesh and my accomplishments in the Spirit.

So how have my goals changed since having 6 kids?

I don't say or think, "A picnic in the park is the same thing as an education."  I try to say, "Here are my goals for enjoying my area-- visit a park, go shopping, visit a cupcake shop downtown, visit a historic location, do some home improvements, enjoy my friends, visit other churches, go creek wading, go to Ikea." :)

And I also say, "My goals for the holidays are -- have organized decor, organized craft supplies, DIY whenever you can, make home improvements."

And then I say, "My goals for education are..."

Because in between Summer and the Holiday season? Crunch time.  Intensity.  Lots of reading. Lots of words. Lots of spelling lists. Lots of math sheets. Tons of growth time in the Spirit.  (School is learning curve for us Moms too, isn't Moms?!)  It isn't a walk in the park. An education is a full-time job.  Homework, errands, supplies, to-do's.  It's intense because it matters.  It's a delicate balance of fast and slow. You try to fit it all in, yet you try to practice the virtue of patience. It's intense because the repetition and work required to learn to read, write, and do real math is HARD.  Having the accountability to stay focused isn't an idealized version of Family Matters and it isn't a 5 minute youtube video.

If I were still homeschooling, I know what I would prioritize more than the nature walks and the acting clubs.  I know what I would write other than a shopping list for Target. I would prioritize the long books, the writing of 1,000 words to be successful, the internalization of Scripture. You cannot put a price-tag on wisdom. And that's why I have to be organized. That's why this bears repeating. Because this is a serious business.

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