Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why Covenant Theology Matters (And Why Catholics *Should* Take Note)

If  we hold fast to the confession of our faith, we will be  outcasts.
In fact, if we're sell-outs, we're definitely doing something wrong.
We need to understand the *purpose* of faithfulness, or "empty" doctrine falls on our deaf ears and remains empty doctrine.

People won't go to Mass, and they don't go to Mass. Father Robert Barron has said that only 31% of American Catholics attend Mass every Sunday.  Faithfulness, as departing from the deadly sin of sloth, matters because I believe Heaven matters.

Right now, Christianity as it is known in most modern, popular circles is a dumbed down, watered down "love to all," with a vague notion of Jesus + a lot of false and horrible views on marriage, the Church, and authority...

Let's take marriage for starters.

Listen to the news. Pay attention to the lyrics in any popular song. Watch some of the new shows coming out on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The marriage vows are a joke.
Homosexuality is something you condone because you're a nice person.
people walk the road to divorce faster than they eat a piece of pie.

Jesus is the founder of Christianity. If you believe in his teaching, call yourself a Christian.

But, well, what a crappy world we live in! Oh joy, joy, joy! Let's sing Joyful Joyful, oh crap that was in my parents'/sister's/friend's wedding and now she's divorced.

um. ??? {scowling face emoji}

We're too bitter as a culture to value the purpose, nature, and provision of Covenant.

Covenant theology matters because we're a culture starving for faithfulness.

Stop reading for a second.

This breaks my heart. It has hit close to home and it hurts.  Like all of you, I have been impacted by the ravages of divorce and the heartbreak that ensues.

This word- faithfulness- is fallow in our culture.  The fruit of faithfulness lies dormant in so many lives, I'm sure the Catholic church has lost count.

It's "not your fault" but if we refuse the gesture of love freely given on Christ's cross when we deny the keys to the Kingdom lie in His one true Church.

As we learned from the Mosaic promise (Deuteronomy 11), we have to turn from sin in order to inherit the fruit of faithfulness.

I suppose that because of the New Covenant (in his blood), those who "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"- abide by the golden rule- most definitely have a chance at eternal life, despite cultural shackles. Yet we have to choose to live in harmony with God, and keep his commands.... not just that prettiest of commands, Love One Another.... because otherwise, without the cross, we choose sloth, living in a blind world with a hopeless outlook on life and the purpose for it.

So "love one another" should be met with not just the milk of the faith, but the meat.

We risk a very, very dangerous turnpike if we do not keep God's commands when little people are watching us.

The meaning of life could be summed up thusly from a faithful, practicing Catholic family:

-to be fruitful and multiply
-to show love and live in harmony with God and neighbor
-to believe and live according to the teachings of Jesus

Sure, we know the miracles of Jesus and the stories of the Bible. We might even not yawn when the pastor reads them.

But do the commands speak into our lives? Do they matter to the least of these - the children, the teens, and the young adults who are trapped by the evils of sin at a younger and younger age?  They should. Because Satan's tricks are terrifying.

I do not speak to those who do not have families. God has a mission for singles, priests, missionaries, and nuns, monks, and prophets.  He has a special purpose in mind for those categories.

But for families, God desires two things:


Without faithfulness to his teaching and to honor and love each other (in the family and our neighbors, too), we are lost, we are flailing, we are a sinking ship. We're drowning.

The only guiding force, without God's commands, is selfishness and the whims of the world through the means of popular culture.

My fellow Catholics, do we choose the quest after our own power/pride?

Or do we choose family/community?

The meaning of life, again, is to be fruitful, to live in harmoney with each other, and to believe the teachings of Jesus and live by them.

Is this how you practice your faith?

I hope so.:)

And I am not talking small potatoes if we follow the teaching and reverse the trend of fallow ground and fruitless toil. I'm talking "bringing in the sheaves" of the great harvest God has planned through the power of his work on the cross. It is finished! Insofar as we live by "Love one another, as I have loved you" and learn from the commands of Scripture and the doctrines of the Church.

How? How do we practice faithfulness to the commands (teachings) of The Church?

*Read your Bible
*Live in Community
*Receive absolution for sin
*Grow in grace
*Obey God's commands
*Live generously
*Learn the catechism

Let's start there. And when we start seeing a harvest, we'll know we're bringing up children who will follow God all the way to... Heaven.

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